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Romeappears in The Coming of Arthur

As the story opens, the Britons have just recently fought of the rulers of this place.

The Pendragonshipappears in The Coming of Arthur

Arthur's arrival in the sea is presaged by this object, soaring through the sky.

Caerleonappears in The Marriage of Geraint

This is the site of King Arthur's halls before they move to Camelot.

Camelotappears in Merlin and Vivien

This is King Arthur's castle. It is so impressive some think it is magical.

Astalotappears in Lancelot and Elaine

This is the city ruled by Elaine's father.

Excaliburappears in The Passing of Arthur

This is a powerful sword Arthur receives from the mysterious Lady of the Lake.

Lancelot's Shieldappears in Lancelot and Elaine

Lancelot gives Elaine this object while he is anonymously participating in the diamond tournament.

Holy Grailappears in The Holy Grail

This is the cup Christ used during the...

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