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Lesson 1 (from Dedication and The Coming of Arthur)


Introduction to the Book and Author

"Idylls of the King," by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, is a cycle of 12 narrative poems which retells the legend of King Arthur's Camelot. The poems were originally published in sections which were released from 1856-1885. In today's lesson, students will research the author of the poems, will examine the influences on the author, and will overview the Arthurian legend.


1) Class Discussion: Introduce the class to the book and author. "Idylls of the King" was written by Alfred Lord Tennyson. The following name, Baron Tennyson, is a title in the Peerage of the United Kingdom, bestowed upon Tennyson in 1884. Lord Tennyson was the Poet Laureate of England during much of Queen Victoria's reign, and his poetry embodies many influences from the Romantics (Keats, Shelley, Byron) who came before him. "Idylls of the King" follows the legend of King Arthur's Camelot and...

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