Idylls of the King Character Descriptions

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Arthurappears in All

This character is, among all of his subjects and friends, singularly virtuous. Not once in the stories does the character ever commit a sinful act.

Guinevereappears in All

This is the wife of the king; she betrays him for his best friend.

Leodogranappears in The Coming of Arthur

This character is a king whom the hero saves from heathen armies. In return, he gives his daughter's hand in marriage.

Merlinappears in The Coming of Arthur; Merlin and Vivien

This character is a wizard and scholar renowned throughout the realm for his wisdom.

Sir Lancelotappears in All

This is the bravest of the knights of the round table and the king's closest friend.

Bellicentappears in The Coming of Arthur; Gareth and Lynette

This queen tells the story of the hero's miraculous arrival on Earth.

Garethappears in Gareth and Lynette

This is a young prince who desperately...

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