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Dedication and The Coming of Arthur

• Leodogran's land is fraught with beasts and heathens so he turns to Arthur, a newly-crowned king surrounded by some controversy over his birth for help.

• Arthur answers Leodogran's request. He fights off the heathen invaders and pushes back the beasts, restoring order to the kingdom.

• As a reward for his service, Arthur asks for Guinevere as his wife, but Leodogran is apprehensive because of the rumors of Arthur's low birth.
• Three of Arthur's knights swear that he is truly Uther's son, though he was raised by Anton, a mere knight.

• Leodogran summons Bellicent, the daughter of King Lot who knew Arthur when she was a child; she tells Lot that Arthur was miraculously borne to Earth on the sea.
• That night Leodogran has a dream of a king standing triumphantly in the heavens above the roiling masses and knows it to be...

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