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Idiot's Delight Board Game

In the play, Irene refers to Idiot's Delight as a game similar to the card game of solitaire. If it was a board game instead, what would it be like? Create your version of an Idiot's Delight board game, including the objective of the game, rules, tokens, players, and the reason behind its name.

Flyer for Hotel Monte Gabriele

Make a flyer for the Hotel Monte Gabriele designed to attract tourists. Be sure to include the location, features, and entertainment. You can also invent a slogan for the business.

Irene's Bio

Irene has quite an interesting life as she tells her stories to other hotel guests. Write a bio for her based on the information she reveals. This does not have to be an actual bio, and it can be somewhat humorous since many of Irene's tales were exaggerated.

Scene It

The class will...

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