Idiot's Delight Character Descriptions

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Auguste - This character is an employee of the Hotel Monte Gabriel.

Mr. Jimmy Cherry - This character is a painter who has been in Australia painting a mural for the government and has recently been married.

Mrs. Cherry - This character has been recently married to an artist, works at a store named Fortnum's, and speaks out against the Italian government towards the end of the play.

Edna Creesh - This character is part of Les Blondes.

Dumptsy - This character is the fortyish bellboy of the resort, originally from Austria, who is eventually drafted into the Italian army.

Bebe Gould - This character is part of Les Blondes.

Irene - This character presents herself as a member of the Russian royal family, has many changing stories about her family's escapades, and captures the attention of the hotel guests with her confidence and accent.


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