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Act 1

• The setting is the Hotel Monte Gabriele, a remote hotel located in the Italian Alps.

• Various characters from different countries are introduced, establishing the theme of the play.

• Pittaluga, the hotel's owner, remains optimistic for the staff and guests, despite the declining business.

• Because of the impending war, the border is closed, causing a train to stop at the hotel for the night.

• Harry Van and six blond girls, called Les Blondes, make their entrance as Harry also seems optimistic.

• Quillery, a French labor union leader, talks about his preference for revolution over war.

• Irene, a beautiful Russian model, captures the attention of the guests with her mystery.

Act 2, Scene 1

• The Cherrys represent the arrogance of the British view of war.

• Quillery informs Harry that Weber, Irene's companion, is an arms dealer.

• Dr. Waldersee rejects Quillery's views of the war, leading to an argument between the two...

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