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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Erikson risk in plotting a new course of understanding regarding identity and ego development?

2. What, according to Erikson, is destructive for blacks?

3. How does feminists often react during times of identity development and social change, as proposed in Erikson's theory?

4. The oppression of blacks, according to Erikson has done what to the mother-father presence?

5. Considering Freud's elements of the mind, what are the counterweights of the ego?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Erikson feel it is important to have a clear identity when one has numerous options for identity available?

2. What are the characteristics of youth leaders, in terms of Erikson's theory?

3. What is the overriding issue concerning Erikson's proposal of ideologies and identity development?

4. Why does Erikson's notion of identity resistance often occur and therapy?

5. According to Erikson what is necessary for a woman to form her identity?

6. What is Erikson state that is so difficult for black youth to find their identity?

7. According to Erikson, why are youth so sensitive to the identities of the past?

8. Rather than suggesting modern youth pathological what does Erikson youth to understand?

9. What is Erikson state that it is difficult for black mothers to push their children to be educated?

10. Why does Erikson think that biology is shallow and inaccurate?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why does Erikson suggest that true intimacy can only occur after positive identity formation? What does this theory suggest about intimacy as a whole? What is the counterpart of intimacy and how does this play into the concept of intimacy and identity formation?

Essay Topic 2

In his discussion of youth their identity development, Erikson references for virtue in terms of "inherent strength" and "active equality." What is the role of virtue in youth identity development? Discuss why virtue is a necessary component of this development.

Essay Topic 3

The Erikson discusses that identity development of women. Outline the history of women's identity that has resulted in the current collective identity of women. Begin from that late 18th century and go to the present.

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