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Short Answer Questions

1. What, according to Erikson, is destructive for blacks?

2. What does Erikson feel about psychoanalysts' use of biology?

3. What does Erikson say must not happen with strong black mothers?

4. What often occurs when youth are isolated according to Erikson's theory of identity development?

5. According to Erikson, what action by youth may lead to dangerous behaviors?

Short Essay Questions

1. What role does the psychoanalyst play in helping an individual in terms of developing identity according to the theory set forth by Erikson?

2. What resulted from Marx-Freud polarization?

3. Why does Erikson believe political underground groups often target youth?

4. Why does Erikson feel it is important to have a clear identity when one has numerous options for identity available?

5. According to Erikson what is necessary for a woman to form her identity?

6. What does the process of identity confirmation include?

7. How does Erikson propose a sketch of psychopathology can help make sense of a new identity?

8. Rather than suggesting modern youth pathological what does Erikson youth to understand?

9. What does Erikson mean when he refers to the adaptive ego?

10. What does Erikson think is the driving force for the more inclusive identity?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the importance of using case history to develop a theory of identity. Is this method valid? Why or why not? What other methods could be used in developing valid theory of identity development?

Essay Topic 2

The Erikson suggests that there are a number of economic and practical reasons to focus on women's position in the world. Discuss what these economic and practical reasons may be and how they affect the position of women in today's world

Essay Topic 3

Erikson suggests that wholeness generates basic trust; however, the notion of a totalitarian state suggests indoctrination and control. Discuss how these two concepts wholeness and a totalitarian state coexist as means for the ultimate identity development. Use information from the book to support human characteristics that serve to allow a totalitarian as well as Erickson's notion that the totalitarian state is the state to end all states.

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