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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of feelings does Erikson proposed are experienced by those in oppressed groups?
(a) Inferiority and self-hate.
(b) Superiority and self-love.
(c) Indifference and loathing.
(d) Interest in other groups.

2. Considering Freud's elements of the mind, what are the counterweights of the ego?
(a) Id and society.
(b) Self and society.
(c) Environment and society.
(d) Id and superego.

3. What does Erikson suggest has led to the focus on women's position in the world?
(a) They have spoken up.
(b) Economic and practical reasons.
(c) Their work as housewives.
(d) Their equality to men.

4. How is Erikson's theory of identity consciousness overcome?
(a) We are always conscious of our identity.
(b) Through self actualization.
(c) When a sense of identity is achieved.
(d) When a person gives up searching for identity.

5. What do youth try to balance while going through Erikson's stages of identity development?
(a) Diversity and society.
(b) Diversity and identity.
(c) Fidelity and diversity.
(d) Fidelity and identity.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do youth recognize the need for during Erikson's stages of identity development?

2. What does Erikson indicate many psychoanalysts think humans are predisposed to do?

3. Who does Erikson suggest black be integrated with?

4. Based on Freud's theory of identity, Ego identity results in two actions, one of which is synthesizing the frontiers of the ego; what is the other action?

5. What might the older generation, as suggested by Erikson, use youth's need for joining to satisfy?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Erikson propose a sketch of psychopathology can help make sense of a new identity?

2. What does Erikson think is different about the male and female focus of identity?

3. In referring to Erikson's theory of racial identity development, how are the negative self images of minorities unintentionally reinforced by the majority?

4. Why does Erikson feel it is important to have a clear identity when one has numerous options for identity available?

5. Why does Erikson believe political underground groups often target youth?

6. What is Erikson state that it is difficult for black mothers to push their children to be educated?

7. In Chapter 5, why has Erikson replace the term identity confusion with identity diffusion?

8. According to Erikson what is necessary for a woman to form her identity?

9. What are the characteristics of youth leaders, in terms of Erikson's theory?

10. Why does Erikson think that biology is shallow and inaccurate?

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