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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2, Foundations in Observation.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In discussing Freud's views on group identity, what does Erikson state is a major cause in identity becoming frustrating and disintegrated?
(a) When there are too many leaders.
(b) When groups members do not have their own identity.
(c) When the group disbands.
(d) When the role of identity in a group changes.

2. What does Erikson suggest society's child training systems does for the uniqueness of society?
(a) Provide meaning.
(b) Preserve it.
(c) Increase standard of living.
(d) Strengthen it.

3. What example does Erikson use in Foundations of Observation to clarify the disintegration of ego synthesis?
(a) Natural disasters.
(b) Wartime trauma.
(c) Adolescence.
(d) Homelessness.

4. According to the discussion in Chapter 2, the process of the ego helps individuals maintain their personalities and what type of fashion?
(a) Positive.
(b) Incoherent.
(c) Coherent.
(d) Selflessly.

5. In order to create a positive ego what does Erikson state must be tested?
(a) Ability for introspection.
(b) Current reality against identity.
(c) Mental acuity.
(d) Current intelligence and identity.

Short Answer Questions

1. In terms of Erikson's theory of individual development, what is required in order to transcend toward individuality?

2. Erikson states that we deal with the process located in the core of the individual and where else?

3. As discussed in Chapter 2, who is able to trigger transference of models of identity formation within younger members of society?

4. What term does Erikson use to refer to the methods used throughout history to integrate identity?

5. What does Erikson suggest wholeness of the individual is associated with?

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