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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2, Foundations in Observation.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Erikson state that childhood and youth predispose men to?
(a) Childlike wonder.
(b) Totalitarianism.
(c) Structure.
(d) Confused identities.

2. What example does Erikson use in Foundations of Observation to clarify the disintegration of ego synthesis?
(a) Wartime trauma.
(b) Adolescence.
(c) Homelessness.
(d) Natural disasters.

3. What is the core part of identity formation that cannot be separated from this formation?
(a) Individuality.
(b) Peace of mind.
(c) Collectivism.
(d) Authority acceptance.

4. Why does Erikson warn the reader not to expect any solid development of mythology in terms of integrating the work on identity over the past two decades?
(a) The world changes too quickly.
(b) It will only cause more identity confusion.
(c) It is too complex to understand.
(d) They cannot be integrated.

5. As discussed in Chapter 2, who is able to trigger transference of models of identity formation within younger members of society?
(a) Self.
(b) Parents.
(c) Peers.
(d) Church leaders.

Short Answer Questions

1. In observing groups of people being reeducated by American civil servants, what reason does Erikson provide for why this group became frustrated and identity development?

2. In developing Erikson' theory of group identity, what two processes must the ego consist of that assist in defining both body in community membership?

3. Erikson states that we deal with the process located in the core of the individual and where else?

4. What does Erikson state youth need so they do not languish in a strictly episodical conscious expansion?

5. In discussing Freud's views on group identity, what does Erikson state is a major cause in identity becoming frustrating and disintegrated?

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