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Short Answer Questions

1. Though science can produce knowledge and means of action, what can it not do?

2. What sort of life does Einstein believe is good for all human beings?

3. What does Einstein value in the German system of government?

4. What governing system does Einstein think is best?

5. What has too much influence on public thought?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Einstein say scientists and engineers should do in relationship to war?

2. For what reason does Einstein want to mobilize religious organizations?

3. What is Einstein's view of the relationship between technology and employment?

4. What does Einstein say to the Progressive Education Association

5. How does Einstein feel about sharing his views?

6. How does Einstein view the state's function and what does he define as a state slave?

7. What does Einstein say society depends upon schools to do and why do they?

8. How does Einstein feel about education specialization and what does he think students should learn?

9. How does Einstein compare physicists to Alfred Nobel? What does he think they should do?

10. Give a brief statement of Einstein's definition of religion and science.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Einstein's essay, "Remarks on Bertrand Russell's Theory of Knowledge," Einstein discusses the question as to "What knowledge is pure thought able to supply independent of sense perceptions?" Discuss the following:

1. How does Einstein say that Russell's theory of knowledge answers the above question?

2. Does Einstein completely agree with Russell? Discuss fully.

3. Explain Russell's theory of knowledge and how it is applicable in today's culture.

Essay Topic 2

Einstein says that Judaism should not be called a religion because it demands no "faith," just the sanctification of life. Discuss one of the following:

1. Thoroughly analyze the above statement and explain what you think Einstein means when he makes the above statement.

2. Do you think Zionist would agree with Einstein's statement about the sanctification of life? How about the life of non-Jews?

3. Discuss whether you think Einstein would agree with the path Zionism has taken since Einstein's death.

Essay Topic 3

In Einstein's essay, "My First Impressions of the U.S.A., he begins by talking about what he calls the "cult of individuals." Discuss the following:

1. What does Einstein mean by the phrase "cult of individuals"? Give examples.

2. Do you believe this "cult" is more or less prevalent in the United States in the first decade of the 21st century? Explain fully.

3. Discuss the pros and cons of a society based upon a "cult of individuals."

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