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Short Answer Questions

1. Upon what do great men have little effect?

2. What is pacifism that fails to fight against armaments?

3. For what do human beings have a thirst?

4. What does Einstein believe will not move humanity forward?

5. What is one of Freud's accomplishments that Einstein praises?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Einstein put mathematics above other sciences?

2. Why does he say the protest might be better without him?

3. What does the theory of relativity say is probable about two and three dimensional space?

4. What supports a finite universe and who doubts that?

5. Why does the general theory of relativity originate?

6. What does he say about what he has always fought for?

7. What does Einstein Jews have been in the past two thousand years and what did they lack? What are they trying to establish now?

8. What are volunteers doing in Israel during Einstein's time?

9. How does Einstein see as being the only way conscientious objection can work?

10. What does Einstein say about Marie Curie upon her death?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Einstein discusses how economics can determine the research and use of scientific knowledge. Discuss the following:

1. According to Einstein, what is the role economics plays in scientific research?

2. Do you think economics is still a strong factor in scientific research in the 21st century?

3. How do you think is the best way to finance scientific research? Why? Do you think science would advance further if economics were not a factor?

Essay Topic 2

Einstein discusses both the League of Nations and its successor, UNESCO. Discuss the following:

1. What are Einstein's views about the League of Nations and UNESCO? Which does he think is more effective?

2. What improvements do Einstein thinks a world governing council needs compared to the League of Nations and UNESCO?

3. Do you think the United Nations as it exists today would meet with Einstein's approval? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

In Einstein's essay, "My First Impressions of the U.S.A., he begins by talking about what he calls the "cult of individuals." Discuss the following:

1. What does Einstein mean by the phrase "cult of individuals"? Give examples.

2. Do you believe this "cult" is more or less prevalent in the United States in the first decade of the 21st century? Explain fully.

3. Discuss the pros and cons of a society based upon a "cult of individuals."

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