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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the academies demand of Einstein?
(a) That he says something good about the German people to the rest of the world.
(b) That he gives them reserach he conducted for them.
(c) That he forfeits his pay and retirement.
(d) That he not work for any other country.

2. Neither intelligence nor institutions can substitute for what?
(a) A life that is safe.
(b) Military aid to save the Jews.
(c) Understanding, justice, and willingness to help others.
(d) A new homeland for the Jews.

3. What is the main theme of "To the Heroes of the Battle of the Warsaw Ghetto"?
(a) To laud those who fought in the Battle of the Warsaw Ghetto.
(b) That heroes are the most unlikely people.
(c) That forgiveness must be offered those who attacked the Warsaw Ghetto.
(d) That understanding must be offered those who attacked the Warsaw Ghetto.

4. What is the result of the accusations by these scientific communities?
(a) Einstein forces the resignation of several key members.
(b) Einstein is expelled.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Einstein resigns.

5. In what decade does Einstein write "A Reply to the Invitation to Participate in a Meeting against Anti-Semitism" ?
(a) 1940s.
(b) First decade of 20th century.
(c) 1930s.
(d) 1920s.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the time Einstein writes "Why Do They Hate the Jews?" what percentage of the world population is Jewish?

2. With what is this section primarily concerned?

3. What is the third requirement for living in a country?

4. What is the goal of the Jewish people in Palestine?

5. Why should Judaism not be called a religion?

Short Essay Questions

1. Einstein says Kepler and Galileo "ripened" mankind for science. How did they do that?

2. What does the theory of relativity say is probable about two and three dimensional space?

3. Why does the theory of relativity show how modern theoretical science develops?

4. Why does Einstein admire Kepler?

5. What does Einstein say about the Jews who died in the Warsaw Ghetto battles?

6. Why does Einstein say Judaism is not a religion?

7. What does Einstein say Judaism is concerned with and how can it be better?

8. What do the academies say about their loyalties and how do they feel about his resignation?

9. What do the Academies demand that Einstein deplores?

10. What does Einstein say is the essential character of the Jews as a group and what is their contribution to the world?

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