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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Upon what are Einstein's inner and outer lives based?
(a) The contemplation of infinity.
(b) The efforts of other men.
(c) The tenets of Christianity.
(d) The efforts towards understanding.

2. What does Einstein believe will not move humanity forward?
(a) Industry.
(b) Technology.
(c) Hate.
(d) Wealth.

3. What does Einstein laud in "Congratulations to a Critic"?
(a) The ability to understand without criticizing.
(b) The abillity to use criticism constructively.
(c) The ability to receive criticism without sulking.
(d) The ability to think independently.

4. What do the intellectual élite lack?
(a) The ability to understand basic causes.
(b) Compassion for those of lesser ilk.
(c) The foresight to make practical decisions.
(d) The cohesion to attack contemporary problems.

5. What will force even the most reactionary scientists to cooperate?
(a) Economic pressures.
(b) Political pressure.
(c) The desire for knowledge.
(d) War.

Short Answer Questions

1. Security through superior military power is what?

2. Into how many parts is "Religion and Science" divided?

3. In what year is "Religion and Science" written?

4. What does Einstein say about the League of Nations' Committee of Intellectual Cooperation?

5. Who has created the League of Nations?

Short Essay Questions

1. In To the Schoolchildren of Japan what are Einstein's hopes for Japanese children and how does that bear out?

2. What is Einstein's view of the relationship between technology and employment?

3. What does Einstein think of the policy of security through superior military power and what does he say this policy has done?

4. What does Einstein say scientists and engineers should do in relationship to war?

5. Why does Einstein laud engineer Joseph Popper-Lynkaeus?

6. How does Einstein compare physicists to Alfred Nobel? What does he think they should do?

7. How does Einstein feel about sharing his views?

8. How does Einstein view the state's function and what does he define as a state slave?

9. How does Einstein feel about education specialization and what does he think students should learn?

10. What does Einstein say about scientist and religion?

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