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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Einstein say the German people used to believe?
(a) That Europe was its friend.
(b) That God was just and treated all humans equally.
(c) The same ideals Einstein has worked for his entire life.
(d) That the people held the power, not the leaders.

2. What prevents Jews from giving blind obeisance to any moral authority?
(a) A strong critical spirit.
(b) The commands of the Torah.
(c) The value Jews place on individualism.
(d) The education of their people.

3. What correspondence does Einstein present in this part?
(a) Between him and Prussian and Bavarian academies of science .
(b) Between him and the president of the United States.
(c) Between him and his mentor.
(d) Between him and his wife.

4. What is the goal of the Jewish people in Palestine?
(a) To relocate the Arabs to other Arab nations.
(b) To find a place to establish Israel that is not so disruptive to the Arab peoples.
(c) To restore Jewish tradition and to live side-by-side with the Arabs.
(d) To have a joint government with the Arabs in Palestine.

5. What do friends and foes alike say the Jews represent?
(a) A race whose behaviors are hereditary.
(b) A step forward in human evolution.
(c) A group of people united by beliefs rather than genetics.
(d) The ideal to which other peoples should strive.

6. For what does Einstein admire Kepler?
(a) For workinhg out the laws of gravity.
(b) For working out the planetary motions with no one's support and the understanding of few.
(c) For knowing when to look deeper into his theories.
(d) For standing by his ideas despite the inquisition.

7. What is one thing Einstein says about Zionism?
(a) That it is one small step towards integration with the Arabs to share the land.
(b) That it must be not a political movement but a realization of the social ideal of the Bible.
(c) That it is an evil tyranny that is as bad as the situation the Jews left.
(d) That its vision is dubious.

8. According to Einstein, what must Jews strive to be?
(a) A beacon of light to an uncivilized world.
(b) Civilized Europeans and good citizens.
(c) Benevolent guardians of both Jew and Arabs.
(d) Strong enough to withstand persecution.

9. Why does Einstein refuse the demands?
(a) It is counter to what he has worked for his whole life.
(b) The notes came from his own mind and no one else's.
(c) It is unreasonable.
(d) He has earned his pay and retirement.

10. What does Einstein think will restore the heart of the Jewish people?
(a) Apologies from all the nations who refused to admit Jewish refugees.
(b) A homeland in Palestine.
(c) Reparations from Germany.
(d) The Jewish people re-discovering their faith in God.

11. In what decade does Einstein write "A Reply to the Invitation to Participate in a Meeting against Anti-Semitism" ?
(a) 1930s.
(b) 1940s.
(c) 1920s.
(d) First decade of 20th century.

12. What does the the "Riemannian curvature" do?
(a) Defines the orbit of electrons.
(b) Shows how orbits are created.
(c) Links the theory with the facts of astronomy.
(d) Helps explain the shape of Earth and other planets.

13. Neither intelligence nor institutions can substitute for what?
(a) Military aid to save the Jews.
(b) Understanding, justice, and willingness to help others.
(c) A life that is safe.
(d) A new homeland for the Jews.

14. Upon what is the special theory of relativity based?
(a) The way light moves in space.
(b) The constant of the speed of light.
(c) The relative positions of space.
(d) The way light moves through matter.

15. Where is the "A Reply to the Invitation to Participate in a Meeting against Anti-Semitism" being held?
(a) Switzerland.
(b) Italy.
(c) France.
(d) England.

Short Answer Questions

1. Concepts acquire content only when connected with what?

2. At the time Einstein writes "Why Do They Hate the Jews?" what does Einstein say is alarming?

3. Why should Judaism not be called a religion?

4. According to Einstein, what must Jews continue to do?

5. How would you characterize Einstein's beliefs in this section of the book?

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