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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is as rigid and absolute as Newton's space?
(a) The idea of ionic space.
(b) The idea of non-space.
(c) The theroy of relativity.
(d) The theory of constants.

2. According to Einstein, what must Jews continue to do?
(a) Be diligent.
(b) Be just.
(c) Be patient.
(d) Enoble the human race.

3. How does Einstein characterize the newly-formed State of Israel?
(a) That it conforms as closely as possible with the ethical ideals of peace, understanding, and self-restraint.
(b) As just another government that falsely assumes safety is to be found in military might.
(c) As wise as a serpent and innocent as a dove.
(d) As infantile in its political acumen.

4. What do Faraday/Maxwell show exist in "free space"?
(a) Fields and quarks.
(b) Quarks and waves.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Waves and fields.

5. What is the third requirement for living in a country?
(a) Simple social structure.
(b) Cooperative people.
(c) Non-prejudism.
(d) Equality under the law.

6. What new physical reality does Faraday introduce?
(a) The reality of spirit.
(b) The field.
(c) The rotuse.
(d) The 5th dimension.

7. What does Einstein say the German people used to believe?
(a) That God was just and treated all humans equally.
(b) That the people held the power, not the leaders.
(c) The same ideals Einstein has worked for his entire life.
(d) That Europe was its friend.

8. What do the academies not regret?
(a) The resignation of several key members.
(b) Einstein's resignation.
(c) Einstein's expulsion.
(d) Searching for the truth.

9. What does the theory of relativity resemble?
(a) A two-story building.
(b) A helix.
(c) A question and answer format.
(d) A circle.

10. What prevents Jews from giving blind obeisance to any moral authority?
(a) The commands of the Torah.
(b) The education of their people.
(c) The value Jews place on individualism.
(d) A strong critical spirit.

11. Why should Judaism not be called a religion?
(a) Because it demands no "faith"; just the sanctification of life.
(b) Because faith is counter to its precepts.
(c) Because it is a way of life.
(d) Because it acknowledges all paths lead to God.

12. For what must general laws be valid?
(a) For other related general laws.
(b) For all natural phenomena.
(c) For collorary specifics.
(d) Only for observable phenomenon.

13. With what is Judaism concerned?
(a) Moral attitudes.
(b) The return of Jews to their homeland.
(c) The hope of the afterlife.
(d) The proper worship of God.

14. Why does Einstein refuse the demands?
(a) It is counter to what he has worked for his whole life.
(b) It is unreasonable.
(c) He has earned his pay and retirement.
(d) The notes came from his own mind and no one else's.

15. What does Infinite space mean?
(a) That space is occupied by an infinite number of atoms.
(b) That any number of bodies of equal size can be laid side-by-side without ever filling it.
(c) That eternity and inifinite space are identical.
(d) That there is no finte end to the boundaries of the Universe.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Germany use to justify atrocities against the Jews?

2. For what does Einstein admire Kepler?

3. What does quantum theory offer in the way of spatial relationships?

4. Why does Einstein think the protest will do better without his participation?

5. What guards Jews from social and psychological problems?

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