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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What would be for better than for a Jewish state to be created?
(a) For Jews and Arabs to live together peacefully.
(b) For Jews to be willing to live under Arab rule.
(c) For Jews to have their own state and government within many countries.
(d) For Jews to reassimilate peacefully into their homelands.

2. What do Faraday/Maxwell show exist in "free space"?
(a) Quarks and waves.
(b) Waves and fields.
(c) Fields and quarks.
(d) Nothing.

3. What does Einstein say about the theory of relativity?
(a) It is non-revolutionary and non-speculative.
(b) It is a relatively new theory that has only come into existence since the last expansion of the Universe.
(c) Until absolutely proven, it is all speculation.
(d) It holds the key to understanding who God is.

4. Why does Einstein put mathematics above other sciences?
(a) Because he is in the final analysis a mathematician.
(b) Because its propositions are beyond debate and not steadily evolving.
(c) Because mathematics is the only true art.
(d) Because mathematics is pure logic.

5. What does Einstein say the German people used to believe?
(a) That Europe was its friend.
(b) The same ideals Einstein has worked for his entire life.
(c) That God was just and treated all humans equally.
(d) That the people held the power, not the leaders.

6. In what decade is Einstein writing his correspondence with the science academies?
(a) The 1950s.
(b) The 1940s.
(c) The 1930s.
(d) The 1920s.

7. What is one thing Einstein says about Zionism?
(a) That its vision is dubious.
(b) That it is an evil tyranny that is as bad as the situation the Jews left.
(c) That it must be not a political movement but a realization of the social ideal of the Bible.
(d) That it is one small step towards integration with the Arabs to share the land.

8. What is one thing Einstein says Jews must do?
(a) Treat the Arabs as equals.
(b) Learn to accept differences among those already in Palestine.
(c) Gain self respect.
(d) Gain revenge on those who have murdered them.

9. According to Einstein, what must Jews continue to do?
(a) Be diligent.
(b) Be patient.
(c) Be just.
(d) Enoble the human race.

10. At the time Einstein writes "Why Do They Hate the Jews?" what percentage of the world population is Jewish?
(a) 2.3 percent.
(b) 10 percent.
(c) Less than one percent.
(d) 4 percent.

11. What do the academies demand of Einstein?
(a) That he gives them reserach he conducted for them.
(b) That he forfeits his pay and retirement.
(c) That he says something good about the German people to the rest of the world.
(d) That he not work for any other country.

12. What does Einstein say is the greatest change in physics since Newton?
(a) The Planck theory.
(b) Faraday/Maxwell's work on electromagnetic phenomena.
(c) Edison's definition of ohms.
(d) Tesla's theory of voltage.

13. What does quantum theory offer in the way of spatial relationships?
(a) Nothing.
(b) The rationale for a theory of distance.
(c) A way of showing the exact place of any given atom at an exact moment.
(d) It can determine the mathematical probabilities of finding structures at a particular spot.

14. What is a second requirement for Einstein for living in a country?
(a) The pursuit of happiness ideal.
(b) Tolerance.
(c) Intolerance for others who do not adhere to Jewish ideals.
(d) Justice for those who are oppressed.

15. What do the academies not regret?
(a) Einstein's resignation.
(b) Searching for the truth.
(c) Einstein's expulsion.
(d) The resignation of several key members.

Short Answer Questions

1. What correspondence does Einstein present in this part?

2. What is the main theme of "To the Heroes of the Battle of the Warsaw Ghetto"?

3. What is the result of the accusations by these scientific communities?

4. What does Infinite space mean?

5. Why should Judaism not be called a religion?

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