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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is one requirement for Einstein for living in a country?
(a) Military might.
(b) Hope.
(c) Liberty.
(d) Military disarmament.

2. What is the result of the accusations by these scientific communities?
(a) Einstein resigns.
(b) Einstein is expelled.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Einstein forces the resignation of several key members.

3. What is Einstein explaining in "A Reply to the Invitation to Participate in a Meeting against Anti-Semitism" ?
(a) His suggestion of changing the date and time of the meeting.
(b) His rationale for why the Germans are doing what they are doing.
(c) His concern that there is a rally against Ant-Semitism.
(d) His refusal to participate in a meeting against Anti-Semitism.

4. What does truth applied to science or religion convey?
(a) A lesser truth.
(b) Nothing clear.
(c) That there is no truth.
(d) A higher truth.

5. What do Faraday/Maxwell show exist in "free space"?
(a) Waves and fields.
(b) Quarks and waves.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Fields and quarks.

6. What is the starting point for the concept of space?
(a) The quark space.
(b) The interval.
(c) The omega point.
(d) The alpha point.

7. According to Einstein, what must Jews strive to be?
(a) A beacon of light to an uncivilized world.
(b) Civilized Europeans and good citizens.
(c) Benevolent guardians of both Jew and Arabs.
(d) Strong enough to withstand persecution.

8. What correspondence does Einstein present in this part?
(a) Between him and the president of the United States.
(b) Between him and Prussian and Bavarian academies of science .
(c) Between him and his wife.
(d) Between him and his mentor.

9. What is one thing Einstein says Jews must do?
(a) Gain self respect.
(b) Gain revenge on those who have murdered them.
(c) Learn to accept differences among those already in Palestine.
(d) Treat the Arabs as equals.

10. What is one thing Einstein says about Zionism?
(a) That its vision is dubious.
(b) That it is one small step towards integration with the Arabs to share the land.
(c) That it is an evil tyranny that is as bad as the situation the Jews left.
(d) That it must be not a political movement but a realization of the social ideal of the Bible.

11. To what does a fable about a shepherd boy, a horse, and a stag relate?
(a) To astrology.
(b) To Jesus, Jews and Hitler.
(c) To Germany, the Nazis, and the Jews.
(d) To a nomadic way of life and astrology.

12. In what decade is Einstein writing his correspondence with the science academies?
(a) The 1930s.
(b) The 1940s.
(c) The 1950s.
(d) The 1920s.

13. According to Einstein, what must Jews continue to do?
(a) Enoble the human race.
(b) Be patient.
(c) Be just.
(d) Be diligent.

14. What happens if there are no general laws?
(a) Specifics are inaccurate.
(b) The masses will not understand the specifics.
(c) The deductions are useless.
(d) Epirical facts lack value.

15. What is the main theme of "To the Heroes of the Battle of the Warsaw Ghetto"?
(a) That understanding must be offered those who attacked the Warsaw Ghetto.
(b) That heroes are the most unlikely people.
(c) To laud those who fought in the Battle of the Warsaw Ghetto.
(d) That forgiveness must be offered those who attacked the Warsaw Ghetto.

Short Answer Questions

1. Neither intelligence nor institutions can substitute for what?

2. At the time Einstein writes "Why Do They Hate the Jews?" how many Jews are there?

3. What is a second requirement for Einstein for living in a country?

4. How does Einstein characterize the first ten years of the Jewish presence in Palestine?

5. What would be for better than for a Jewish state to be created?

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