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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 5, pp. 290-377.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What prevents Jews from giving blind obeisance to any moral authority?
(a) The value Jews place on individualism.
(b) The commands of the Torah.
(c) A strong critical spirit.
(d) The education of their people.

2. Why does Einstein think people should labor as little as possible to maintain life and health?
(a) Because human relationships need as much time as possible.
(b) Because that labor has no last value.
(c) In order to concentrate on their intellectual and artistic powers.
(d) In order to partake in spiritual pursuits.

3. How does Einstein characterize the women of America?
(a) As a millstone around the necks of their husbands.
(b) As rejecting advances.
(c) As cyphers.
(d) As intellectually inferior.

4. With the family eroding, society depends on the schools for what?
(a) Not to transfer a maximum quantity of knowledge to students, but to help them think and act independently.
(b) To instill purpose in the students.
(c) To teach morals.
(d) To supervise activities rather than learning.

5. What would be for better than for a Jewish state to be created?
(a) For Jews to have their own state and government within many countries.
(b) For Jews and Arabs to live together peacefully.
(c) For Jews to be willing to live under Arab rule.
(d) For Jews to reassimilate peacefully into their homelands.

Short Answer Questions

1. Once combat starts, what is meaningless?

2. What has stood in the way of the development of technology in China and India?

3. Upon what do great men have little effect?

4. What frees physics from nineteenth-century false hopes for "induction"?

5. Why are Americans so far removed from the Asians and Russians?

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