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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 5, pp. 217-290.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why must disarmament and joint security occur all at once or not at all?
(a) Because those countries still armed will not do what they say once others disarm.
(b) Because someone will inevitably double cross the others.
(c) Because peace is unenforcable if some countries are still armed.
(d) Because as long as war is possible, everyone wants to be in a position to win.

2. Whose work shatters the framework of classical mechanics and provides the basis for further research in physics?
(a) Max Planck.
(b) Frederick Grover.
(c) Paul Dirac.
(d) Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen.

3. What does Einstein say is very detrimental to the respect for the government?
(a) Passing unenforceable laws.
(b) Giving the vote to women.
(c) Restricting voting rights.
(d) Engaging in unwinnable wars.

4. Who does Einstein say are now the ones who advocate international thought?
(a) Communists.
(b) Politicians.
(c) Pseudo-artists.
(d) Intellectuals.

5. Who does Einstein think is partly to blame for Europe's condition?
(a) The United States.
(b) The indecisiveness of its leaders.
(c) The agressiveness of its policies.
(d) The arrogance of its leaders.

Short Answer Questions

1. What governing system does Einstein think is best?

2. Who "frees" space from rigidity?

3. What does Einstein need a great deal of?

4. What does Infinite space mean?

5. How does the individual develop and gain significance?

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