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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 5, pp. 217-290.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With what does religion deal?
(a) The truthof scientific theories.
(b) The morality of science.
(c) The need for progress.
(d) Everything not predetermined by heredity, sets ideals, and educates.

2. At the time Einstein writes "Why Do They Hate the Jews?" what percentage of the world population is Jewish?
(a) 2.3 percent.
(b) 10 percent.
(c) 4 percent.
(d) Less than one percent.

3. What has made international peace a matter of life and death and an ethical imperative for everyone?
(a) Technology.
(b) Waning resources.
(c) The global market.
(d) Religious imperatives.

4. According to Einstein, what must Jews strive to be?
(a) Strong enough to withstand persecution.
(b) A beacon of light to an uncivilized world.
(c) Civilized Europeans and good citizens.
(d) Benevolent guardians of both Jew and Arabs.

5. What is the goal of the Jewish people in Palestine?
(a) To have a joint government with the Arabs in Palestine.
(b) To find a place to establish Israel that is not so disruptive to the Arab peoples.
(c) To relocate the Arabs to other Arab nations.
(d) To restore Jewish tradition and to live side-by-side with the Arabs.

Short Answer Questions

1. When are people happiest?

2. What does Einstein admire about Mahatma Ghandi?

3. Why must disarmament and joint security occur all at once or not at all?

4. Of what is Einstein accused by several scientific communities?

5. What does Einstein condemn in "Production and Work"?

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