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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Einstein think people should labor as little as possible to maintain life and health?
(a) Because that labor has no last value.
(b) Because human relationships need as much time as possible.
(c) In order to partake in spiritual pursuits.
(d) In order to concentrate on their intellectual and artistic powers.

2. According to Einstein, what provides no security to the world situation?
(a) The League of Nations and Court of Arbitration.
(b) Belief in God.
(c) Prayer.
(d) Weapons.

3. With what does religion deal?
(a) The need for progress.
(b) The truthof scientific theories.
(c) The morality of science.
(d) Everything not predetermined by heredity, sets ideals, and educates.

4. Whose work shatters the framework of classical mechanics and provides the basis for further research in physics?
(a) Max Planck.
(b) Paul Dirac.
(c) Frederick Grover.
(d) Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen.

5. Though one man choosing to be a conscientious objector would accomplish little, what would accomplish much?
(a) Einstein is not sure.
(b) All the world leaders being "conscientious objectors."
(c) Fifty thousand conscientious objectors.
(d) All women asking their husbands, brothers and father to choose not to fight.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Einstein characterize pure scientific research?

2. How does Einstein characterize the House Un-American Activities Committee?

3. What is pacifism that fails to fight against armaments?

4. How does Einstein characterize the women of America?

5. For what do human beings have a thirst?

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