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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1, pp. 28-80.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Though science can produce knowledge and means of action, what can it not do?
(a) Produce truth.
(b) Set goals or pass value judgments.
(c) Stop thinking that arises from myth.
(d) Initiate that action.

2. What should history do?
(a) Interpret the progress in civilization rather than calculating power and success.
(b) Teach the future.
(c) Influence the future.
(d) Be forgotten.

3. With the family eroding, society depends on the schools for what?
(a) To teach morals.
(b) To instill purpose in the students.
(c) To supervise activities rather than learning.
(d) Not to transfer a maximum quantity of knowledge to students, but to help them think and act independently.

4. What does Einstein believe will not move humanity forward?
(a) Industry.
(b) Wealth.
(c) Technology.
(d) Hate.

5. Who does Einstein praise for her moral qualities and hardships above her intellectual accomplishments?
(a) Samantha Carter.
(b) Golda Meir.
(c) Mother Theresa.
(d) Marie Curie.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Einstein view Bertrand Russell?

2. Why are Americans so far removed from the Asians and Russians?

3. In what year is "Religion and Science" written?

4. Why does Einstein think humans act and think?

5. What does Einstein laud in "Congratulations to a Critic"?

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