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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 5, pp. 217-290.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With the family eroding, society depends on the schools for what?
(a) To supervise activities rather than learning.
(b) Not to transfer a maximum quantity of knowledge to students, but to help them think and act independently.
(c) To teach morals.
(d) To instill purpose in the students.

2. What has revived the sense of community, saved many lives, and provided joyous and creative work?
(a) The United States opening their borders to Jewish emmigrants.
(b) Zionism.
(c) The hope of a future.
(d) The Jewish Ghettos.

3. To what is attributed ideals of social justice, mutual aid, philanthropy, tolerance and the exaltation of intellectual aspiration and spiritual effort?
(a) As the essential character of Jews as a group.
(b) To human beings in their most perfected state.
(c) As the ideals to which all humanity must strive.
(d) The ideals of a benevolent sovereign nation.

4. What is the starting point for the concept of space?
(a) The quark space.
(b) The alpha point.
(c) The interval.
(d) The omega point.

5. How does Einstein characterize the first ten years of the Jewish presence in Palestine?
(a) As exceeding all expectations.
(b) As grueling and discouraging.
(c) As a dismal failure.
(d) As about what expected.

Short Answer Questions

1. Though the scientific method can teach how facts relate and condition one another, what can it not do?

2. What is one thing Einstein says about Zionism?

3. Why does Einstein think people should labor as little as possible to maintain life and health?

4. At the time Einstein writes "Why Do They Hate the Jews?" how many Jews are there?

5. Who does Einstein praise for her moral qualities and hardships above her intellectual accomplishments?

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