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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 5, pp. 217-290.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the goal of the Jewish people in Palestine?
(a) To relocate the Arabs to other Arab nations.
(b) To find a place to establish Israel that is not so disruptive to the Arab peoples.
(c) To have a joint government with the Arabs in Palestine.
(d) To restore Jewish tradition and to live side-by-side with the Arabs.

2. What are elite volunteers doing?
(a) Displacing Arab settlements to gain their lands.
(b) Searching out other areas where they could create a nation that did not impact current inhabitants.
(c) Infiltrating Arab settlements in order to force them to move.
(d) Transforming the desert into flourishing settlements.

3. What three topics are addressed in Part 1?
(a) Freedom, religion, and education.
(b) Freedom, love, government.
(c) Government, education and religion.
(d) Science, religion, and relationships.

4. Why does Einstein think people should labor as little as possible to maintain life and health?
(a) Because human relationships need as much time as possible.
(b) Because that labor has no last value.
(c) In order to partake in spiritual pursuits.
(d) In order to concentrate on their intellectual and artistic powers.

5. What does the theory of relativity resemble?
(a) A circle.
(b) A two-story building.
(c) A helix.
(d) A question and answer format.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens if there are no general laws?

2. To what does a fable about a shepherd boy, a horse, and a stag relate?

3. What does Einstein think will restore the heart of the Jewish people?

4. With what does religion deal?

5. How does Einstein characterize the House Un-American Activities Committee?

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