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The Atom Bomb - A weapon used against two Japanese cities, the development of which was made possible by Einstein's development of the theory of relativity.

Davos - A Swiss resort for tubercular patients, this place in 1928 institutes international university courses.

The Ether - This is understood as a medium pervading the whole of space and a vehicle for electromagnetic and light phenomena.

House on Un-American Activities Senate Committee - This committee was created to investigate disloyal acts but degenerated into a group bent on "witch hunts" to ferret out those who differed in their opinions from the current political administration.

The League of Nations - The post-World War I attempt at international cooperation, this is, in Einstein's view (and most others) a failure because it lacks any teeth to enforce its will on rogue nations.

The Nuremberg Trials - The post-World War II international war crimes...

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