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Part 1, pp. 1-28

• Einstein is a careful thinker in the humanities. He is perhaps not comprehensive but thoughtful.

• He's quite modest about his fame and delighted to share his views.

• In Paradise Lost Einstein proposes that European intellectuals lose when supporting nationalism.

• In My First Impressions of the U.S.A. Einstein speaks of being captivated by American technology, organization, and joyous, optimistic attitude to life.
• In another small book he writes of his various opinions and thoughts, ranging from his understanding of the human condition, to God, and to his political ideals.

• He speaks of Japan and hopes they will avoid his generation's mistakes.

• This hope was crushed by World War II.
• In Message in the Time Capsule he facetiously hopes that future generations will not laugh at his thoughts.

• He claims that full consciousness is not possible.

• He believes that scientist should take control of the...

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