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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mabel tell Lady Chiltern is very unbecoming on Goring?
(a) Foul language.
(b) Seriousness.
(c) Greed.
(d) Foolishness.

2. What does Sir Robert compare himself to in Act 3, Part 1?
(a) A compass without a needle.
(b) A ship without a rudder.
(c) A lovelorn teenager.
(d) The tip of a pen.

3. Why doesn't Mabel like geniuses?
(a) She thinks they are quite impossible.
(b) She says they are pretentious.
(c) She doesn't like people who are smarter than her.
(d) She can't talk to them.

4. How does Goring suggest to Lady Chiltern that she handle the theft of her letter to Goring?
(a) Tell Sir Robert everything.
(b) Steal the letter back.
(c) Forget about it.
(d) Tell him she didn't write it.

5. Who says Lord Goring isn't good enough for Mabel?
(a) Mabel.
(b) Caversham.
(c) Sir Robert.
(d) Lord Goring.

6. After Sir Robert leaves Lady Chiltern and Lord Goring in Act 2, what subject does Lady Chiltern want to discuss with Goring?
(a) Sir Robert.
(b) Caversham.
(c) Mrs. Cheveley.
(d) Mabel.

7. What does Mrs. Cheveley say one should never give a woman?
(a) Your heart.
(b) Jewelry.
(c) Anything she cannot wear in the evening.
(d) Too much credit.

8. Why does Goring say Mrs. Cheveley knows nothing about love?
(a) She's never been in love.
(b) She is far too clever.
(c) She is only in love with herself.
(d) She's too mean.

9. What does Sir Robert tell Lady Chiltern was her mistake after she learns his secret?
(a) To expect him to remain a politician.
(b) To love him.
(c) To marry him.
(d) To think he was without faults.

10. When Sir Robert leaves Goring's, whom does Goring think Sir Robert was talking about?
(a) Mrs. Cheveley.
(b) Mabel.
(c) Lady Markby.
(d) Lady Chiltern.

11. What reason does Mrs. Cheveley give for her passion for listening through keyholes?
(a) You can hear wonderful things through them.
(b) She makes her living by blackmailing others based on what she hears.
(c) The best secrets occur behind closed doors.
(d) She once heard Goring confess his love for her through a keyhole.

12. How does Lord Goring find out about the speech Sir Robert gave in the House of Commons?
(a) He attends the speech.
(b) Lady Chiltern tells him.
(c) Sir Robert tells him.
(d) Caversham tells him.

13. According to Mrs. Cheveley, to whom does a woman owe her first duty in life?
(a) Her friends.
(b) Her husband.
(c) Her dressmaker.
(d) Herself.

14. Who says, "When a man has once loved a woman, he will do anything for her, except continue to love her"?
(a) Lady Chiltern.
(b) Mabel.
(c) Goring.
(d) Mrs. Cheveley.

15. Why does Sir Robert say spies are of no use nowadays?
(a) No one has any secrets.
(b) The newspapers do their work instead.
(c) They are too lazy to work.
(d) They cost too much.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Goring say is always unscrupulous?

2. What is Tommy Trafford's occupation?

3. In Act 3, Part 2, what does Goring say is a dangerous thing?

4. According to Caversham, what does <i>The Times</i> say about Robert following his speech?

5. What does Lady Markby say Lady Bonar's new genius does?

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