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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Lady Chiltern, what is the only way that people should be judged?
(a) By their past.
(b) By their intellect.
(c) By their social connections.
(d) By their economic status.

2. Where does Lady Chiltern say she and Mrs. Cheveley have met before?
(a) At a party.
(b) At Goring's house.
(c) In school.
(d) At Mrs. Cheveley's wedding.

3. Fill in the blank. Goring says, "Everything is dangerous, my dear fellow. If it wasn't so, ________."
(a) Life wouldn't be worth living.
(b) Humans would be terribly boring.
(c) Life would be much easier.
(d) I'd be dead by now.

4. What does Mrs. Cheveley tell Sir Robert she did not receive prizes for?
(a) Good grades.
(b) Sociability.
(c) Good conduct.
(d) Beauty.

5. According to Mrs. Cheveley, what was considered excessively vulgar and middle class in the old days?
(a) To pretend to be a bit better than one's neighbors.
(b) To attend social gatherings.
(c) To marry for money.
(d) To marry for love.

6. In Act 1, Part 1, why does Lord Caversham call Goring a good-for-nothing?
(a) Goring has a dull job.
(b) Goring leads an idle life.
(c) Caversham hates Goring.
(d) Goring is a thief.

7. How does Lord Goring describe seeing Mrs. Cheveley at the Chiltern's party?
(a) A blast from the past.
(b) An unpleasant surprise.
(c) A heart wrenching event.
(d) A welcome diversion.

8. In Act 1, Part 1, how is Goring described?
(a) As a flawless dandy.
(b) As an exceptional politician.
(c) As a dull aristocrat.
(d) As a clever, serious man.

9. What does Lady Chiltern say gives one an instinct to things?
(a) Experience.
(b) Love.
(c) Social standing.
(d) Education.

10. Who says, "As a rule, everybody turns out to be somebody else"?
(a) Lady Chiltern.
(b) Mabel.
(c) Lady Markby.
(d) Goring.

11. During the Chiltern's dinner party, what does Lady Chiltern state she didn't know about Mrs. Cheveley?
(a) That she has a college education.
(b) That she married a second time.
(c) That she is in love with Goring.
(d) That she was once poor.

12. What reason does Lord Caversham give for never going anywhere?
(a) No one invites him anywhere.
(b) He is sick of London society.
(c) He is disabled.
(d) His wife won't let him.

13. Why can't Goring stay longer at the Chiltern's in Act 1, Part 3?
(a) He's bored.
(b) He promised to stop by the Harlocks'.
(c) He has to work the next day.
(d) He is tired.

14. Why does Goring say he loves to talk about nothing?
(a) He doesn't like serious conversations.
(b) It's the only thing he knows anything about.
(c) Ladies love to talk about nothing, and he loves ladies.
(d) It's the only thing his friends know anything about.

15. Why does Goring say people are pleased to find out about other people's secrets?
(a) It gives them something to talk about.
(b) It distracts public attention from their own.
(c) It makes them feel better.
(d) They like juicy gossip.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Mrs. Cheveley say will have the loathsome joy of dragging Sir Robert down in the mud and mire?

2. What is the name of the tapestry that remains illuminated after the lights are put out at the end of Act 1?

3. Who does Mrs. Cheveley tell Sir Robert advised her to invest in the Argentine Canal Company?

4. According to Mrs. Cheveley, what used to lend charm, or at least interest, to a man?

5. What does Lady Chiltern demand that Sir Robert do immediately, in Act 1, Part 3?

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