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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who says, "This is a game of life as we all have to play it"?
(a) Mabel.
(b) Sir Robert.
(c) Mrs. Cheveley.
(d) Goring.

2. Fill in the blank. Goring says, "Everything is dangerous, my dear fellow. If it wasn't so, ________."
(a) Life would be much easier.
(b) I'd be dead by now.
(c) Humans would be terribly boring.
(d) Life wouldn't be worth living.

3. Who does Mrs. Cheveley say taught her to play fairly when one has the winning cards?
(a) Goring.
(b) Sir Robert.
(c) Baron Arnheim.
(d) Lord Caversham.

4. In Act 1, Part 2, what does Mrs. Cheveley say everyone has?
(a) Power.
(b) A weakness.
(c) A dark side.
(d) A price.

5. Why can't Goring stay longer at the Chiltern's in Act 1, Part 3?
(a) He's bored.
(b) He is tired.
(c) He has to work the next day.
(d) He promised to stop by the Harlocks'.

6. In Act 1, Part 3, what does Goring call the item Mabel finds?
(a) Inconsequential.
(b) A pin.
(c) A bracelet.
(d) A useless bit of fluff.

7. Why does Mabel say she dislikes pearls?
(a) Only old ladies wear pearls.
(b) They're not as expensive as diamonds.
(c) They have no color.
(d) They make one look so plain, good, and intellectual.

8. What request does Mrs. Cheveley make of Sir Robert concerning the report he is to give to the House of Commons?
(a) She asks him to wait one more day.
(b) She asks if she can attend with him.
(c) She asks him to withdraw it.
(d) She asks him to go ahead with it.

9. What does Sir Robert say this century worships?
(a) Power.
(b) Wealth.
(c) An unfair God.
(d) Social standing.

10. How does Mrs. Cheveley reply to Sir Robert when he asks, "What brought you into my life?"
(a) His wife.
(b) Circumstances.
(c) Her good luck.
(d) Careful planning.

11. In Act 1, Part 1, how is Goring described?
(a) As an exceptional politician.
(b) As a clever, serious man.
(c) As a flawless dandy.
(d) As a dull aristocrat.

12. During the Chiltern's dinner party, what does Lady Chiltern state she didn't know about Mrs. Cheveley?
(a) That she has a college education.
(b) That she was once poor.
(c) That she married a second time.
(d) That she is in love with Goring.

13. To what flower does the author compare Mrs. Cheveley?
(a) A tulip.
(b) A daisy.
(c) An orchid.
(d) A rose.

14. According to Mrs. Cheveley, what was considered excessively vulgar and middle class in the old days?
(a) To pretend to be a bit better than one's neighbors.
(b) To marry for love.
(c) To marry for money.
(d) To attend social gatherings.

15. In Act 1, Part 2, who says, "I like tedious, practical subjects. What I don't like are tedious, practical people"?
(a) Lord Caversham.
(b) Sir Robert.
(c) Mrs. Cheveley.
(d) Goring.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Mrs. Cheveley, what do Englishmen always get after a good meal?

2. How does Sir Robert reply to Lady Chiltern in Act 1, Part 3 when she asks about his change of view on the report from the Commission regarding the Argentine Canal scheme?

3. According to Lady Markby, what's better than light intellectual pressure?

4. Who does Mrs. Cheveley say will have the loathsome joy of dragging Sir Robert down in the mud and mire?

5. According to Lady Markby, what about Sir John has become unbearable?

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