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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sir Robert say that sooner or later one must do in political life?
(a) Retire.
(b) Lose an election.
(c) Lie.
(d) Compromise.

2. Who takes charge of the item Mabel finds in the couch?
(a) Mabel.
(b) Mrs. Chiltern.
(c) Goring.
(d) Sir Robert.

3. In Act 1, Part 1, how is Goring described?
(a) As an exceptional politician.
(b) As a clever, serious man.
(c) As a dull aristocrat.
(d) As a flawless dandy.

4. Why does Goring say he loves to talk about nothing?
(a) He doesn't like serious conversations.
(b) It's the only thing he knows anything about.
(c) It's the only thing his friends know anything about.
(d) Ladies love to talk about nothing, and he loves ladies.

5. Who says, "I always pass on good advice. It is the only thing to do with it."
(a) Caversham.
(b) Lady Chiltern.
(c) Goring.
(d) Sir Robert.

6. According to Lady Markby, what is fashionable in marriage nowadays?
(a) For people to wait until they are older to marry.
(b) For people to stay together for a long time.
(c) For people never to marry.
(d) For people to marry as often as they can.

7. Who says, "This is a game of life as we all have to play it"?
(a) Mabel.
(b) Sir Robert.
(c) Goring.
(d) Mrs. Cheveley.

8. According to Mrs. Cheveley, what was considered excessively vulgar and middle class in the old days?
(a) To attend social gatherings.
(b) To pretend to be a bit better than one's neighbors.
(c) To marry for love.
(d) To marry for money.

9. During the Chiltern's dinner party, where does Mrs. Cheveley say she will be the next night at half past eleven?
(a) At Gorings.
(b) In the Ladies Gallery.
(c) At Baron Arnheim's house.
(d) At Sir Robert's door.

10. How does Mrs. Cheveley say she stays young and beautiful?
(a) By marrying wealthy men.
(b) By avoiding dull parties.
(c) By talking to perfectly charming people.
(d) By using lots of moisturizer.

11. What does Sir Robert say are the only two fashionable religions?
(a) Politics and Society.
(b) Money and Power.
(c) Optimism and Pessimism.
(d) Catholic and Lutheran.

12. What does Lady Chiltern tell Goring he'd find interesting about her meeting in Act 1, Part 2?
(a) The women.
(b) The refreshments.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Everything.

13. Why does Lady Chiltern say she'll always love Sir Robert in Act 1, Part 3?
(a) He is successful.
(b) He will never make a mistake.
(c) He will always be worthy of love.
(d) He's her husband.

14. According to Lady Markby, what about Sir John has become unbearable?
(a) His weight.
(b) His constant talking.
(c) His drinking.
(d) His temper.

15. What does Sir Robert tell Mrs. Cheveley he thinks of the Argentine Canal Company when she first brings it up?
(a) He's certain she should invest.
(b) It's going bankrupt.
(c) It's a swindle.
(d) It's profitable.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Act 1, Part 3, what does Goring call the item Mabel finds?

2. In Act 1, Part 1, what is needed at the embassy to prevent the ambassador from being recalled?

3. Fill in the blank. Goring says, "Everything is dangerous, my dear fellow. If it wasn't so, ________."

4. How much does Sir Robert reveal he received from Baron Arnheim?

5. From what meeting does Lady Chiltern return from in Act 2, Part 1?

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