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London Society Party

Plan a London Society party like the one the Chilterns throw in Act 1, Part 1. What food will you serve? Will there be entertainment? If so, what? Where will the party be held? Who will be invited and where will they be seated for dinner? What will you wear?

Costume Design

Design and draw costumes for a female character and a male character in the play. Identify which character each costume is for.

Mabel and Goring's Wedding

Plan a wedding ceremony and reception for Mabel and Goring. What will they wear? Where will the wedding take place? Where will the reception take place? How will the space be decorated? What will they serve? What will the entertainment be?

Write a Short Satire

Write a short satirical story. You may choose any topic you like, but be sure to include elements of satire in your story through...

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