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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Claudius think is the reason for the low marriage rate?

2. Who rules Rome after the death of Mark Antony?

3. What does the author mean when he refers to the regimental Eagle?

4. Which historian does Claudius hope to emulate?

5. What bad luck befalls Germanicus right after his successful battles?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Pollio imply about the death of Claudius's grandfather?

2. Why is it better for Claudius that Livia thinks he is an idiot?

3. How does Claudius investigate Pollio's charge that Livia murdered his father?

4. Why does Augustus refuse to eat or drink anything but bread, water, and figs straight from the tree?

5. What argument does Tiberius use with Germanicus to get him to return to Rome?

6. What praise does Claudius give to his grandmother, Livia?

7. How does Tiberius react to Germanicus's loyal quelling of the troop revolts?

8. Why does Livia make sure that Claudius is gone while Germanicus is in Rome?

9. Why does Livia not expose Drusus's plan to dethrone Augustus?

10. How does Livia get rid of Postumus?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

George Washington has often been compared to Augustus Caesar. Make a comparison of the two historical figures. How were they similar and how were they different?

Essay Topic 2

Claudius divides his family into "good" Claudians and "bad" Claudians. What drove the "bad" Claudians? Write a paper addressing the question: Did madness run in the Claudian family?

Essay Topic 3

Compare the Roman Republic to another democratic system, either the United States government, or the British Parliamentary system, or another of your choosing.

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