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Short Answer Questions

1. What nickname do people use for Claudius?

2. What does Augustus blame for the low marriage rate in Rome?

3. Who offers to capture Postumus for Tiberius?

4. What honor does Livia create for Urgulania?

5. Where does Claudius meet Assinius Pollio?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Augustus refuse to eat or drink anything but bread, water, and figs straight from the tree?

2. How does Claudius describe his father's relationship to his troops?

3. Why does Livia not expose Drusus's plan to dethrone Augustus?

4. How does Caligula wage war on Neptune?

5. What criticism does Pollio make about Livy?

6. Who are the three main conspirators in the plot to assassinate Caligula?

7. How does Livia get rid of Postumus?

8. How is Claudius related to Augustus Caesar?

9. How does Tiberius react to Germanicus's loyal quelling of the troop revolts?

10. Why does Claudius wait until Germanicus returns to Rome to tell him that Postumus was innocent?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Contrast the Ancient Roman concept of life, death, and afterlife with our modern concepts.

Essay Topic 2

How different was the Roman army to our military? Write an essay comparing the two.

Essay Topic 3

Contrast the Roman path to power with the American path. What does it take to be a successful person in Rome compared to what it takes in our country? Are the definitions of success the same in both cultures? If not, how do they differ?

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