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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Cassius Chærea was disgusted when Caligula made him:
(a) Kill a batch of puppies.
(b) Get married to a young boy.
(c) Play horsie for Drusilla.
(d) Torture a young noble woman.

2. Caligula amuses the populace by using what class of people as sword-fighters?
(a) People who cannot pay their debts
(b) Former Senators and their wives
(c) Hostages from foreign lands
(d) Prisoners of war from Germany

3. Why was Claudius summoned to the Hall of Justice late one night?
(a) To be sentenced to death
(b) To watch Caligula dance
(c) To judge a trial against Jove
(d) To go over Livia's records

4. How does Tiberius die?
(a) He dies quietly of old age.
(b) Macro smothers him with a pillow.
(c) He gets a chill from traveling.
(d) Caligula stabs him in the heart.

5. In a speech about Tiberius to the Senate, Caligula:
(a) Calls them cowards and traitors
(b) Executes a Senator for coughing
(c) Declares Tiberius to be a God
(d) Pleads for forgiveness from Tiberius

6. What does Sejanus advise Claudius not to do?
(a) Bet on the Leek Green chariot team
(b) Divorce his wife Urgulanilla
(c) Get married again too soon
(d) Spend too much time with Agrippina

7. What does Livia do to embarrass Tiberius?
(a) Gives a public reading of Augustus's letters
(b) Denounces him in front of the Senate
(c) Publishes his love letters to Vispania
(d) Hires an actor to caracature him in public

8. With Tiberius gone, who was left in charge of the Roman Empire?
(a) Livia
(b) Nero
(c) Sejanus
(d) Caligula

9. What finally happens to Tiberius's body?
(a) It is half-burned in the town of Atilla.
(b) It is thrown into the Tiber like a criminal.
(c) It is left to rot on the Island of Capri.
(d) It is burned on the Mars Field with honors.

10. Which sister of Caligula did he claim as his favorite?
(a) Julilla
(b) Drusilla
(c) Agrippinilla
(d) Ganymede

11. What does Germanicus fear Plancina is doing?
(a) Undermining Agrippina's authority
(b) Practicing witchcraft against him
(c) Corrupting his children's discipline
(d) Stealing money from the treasury

12. What does Claudius miss most when he is staying in Carthage?
(a) Playing dice
(b) Trees
(c) Germanicus
(d) Calpurnia

13. Where was Caligula assassinated?
(a) In a house belonging to Claudius
(b) Just outside the amphitheater
(c) Down by the river docks
(d) In his rooms at the Palace

14. What did Caligula promise Cassius Chærea?
(a) To give him an appointment to the Senate
(b) To allow him to retire with honors
(c) To appoint him as Macro's replacement
(d) To send him back to Germany to fight

15. How does Caligula react to Cassius's story of a German ambush?
(a) He declares the story untrue.
(b) He scoffs at Cassius.
(c) He re-enacts it the next day.
(d) He runs away in terror.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Caligula begin to dread after he tortures Brassus?

2. What was the biggest obstacle to the plot to assassinate Caligula?

3. Who speaks at Livia's funeral?

4. What does Urgulanilla say about Claudius in her will?

5. What class of people did Augustus especially distrust?

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