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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In a speech about Tiberius to the Senate, Caligula:
(a) Executes a Senator for coughing
(b) Declares Tiberius to be a God
(c) Calls them cowards and traitors
(d) Pleads for forgiveness from Tiberius

2. Why is Piso sent to Syria?
(a) To train the troops there
(b) To govern the province
(c) To raise more taxes for Rome
(d) To build a new city

3. What condition does Claudius demand of Livia?
(a) That she tell him the truth about her crimes
(b) That she help him to divorce his new wife
(c) That she promise to continue protecting Agrippina
(d) That she keep Tiberius in check by opposing him

4. What does Urgulanilla say about Claudius in her will?
(a) He was the only man I ever loved.
(b) I did not hate him.
(c) He was much nicer than you would think.
(d) He is no fool.

5. Who does Caligula marry Claudius to?
(a) Messalina
(b) Ganymede
(c) Agrippinilla
(d) Calpurnia

6. What does Antonia say that Caligula did to Drusilla?
(a) Locked her in a room
(b) Committed incest
(c) Killed her pony
(d) Tried to kill her

7. What does Livia do to embarrass Tiberius?
(a) Denounces him in front of the Senate
(b) Hires an actor to caracature him in public
(c) Publishes his love letters to Vispania
(d) Gives a public reading of Augustus's letters

8. What does Caligula make his sisters do to earn their keep?
(a) Go out begging on the streets
(b) Prostitute themselves to wealthy noblemen
(c) Make tapestries and pots to sell
(d) Sing and dance at the theater

9. How does the Senate react to Tiberius's denouncement of Agrippina and Nero?
(a) They rise up and refuse to accept it.
(b) They hold a long debate on the issue.
(c) They immediately order punishment.
(d) They are shocked into silence.

10. What was the outcome of Senator Gallus's trial?
(a) He was found innocent of all charges.
(b) He was found guilty of corruption.
(c) He was found guilty of treason.
(d) He died before the trial was held.

11. What does Claudius receive from Livia?
(a) An invitation to dine with her.
(b) An appointment to join the Senate.
(c) A warning about Sejanus's intentions.
(d) A copy of Augustus's letters.

12. What did Caligula promise Cassius Chærea?
(a) To give him an appointment to the Senate
(b) To allow him to retire with honors
(c) To appoint him as Macro's replacement
(d) To send him back to Germany to fight

13. Where did Tiberius live once he left Rome?
(a) On the island of Capri
(b) In a villa in Pompeii
(c) In the city of Capua
(d) In the town of Lyons

14. What number did Germanicus consider especially unlucky?
(a) Twenty-five
(b) Three
(c) Seven
(d) Thirteen

15. What does Claudius miss most when he is staying in Carthage?
(a) Calpurnia
(b) Playing dice
(c) Trees
(d) Germanicus

Short Answer Questions

1. Why was Claudius summoned to the Hall of Justice late one night?

2. How does Tiberius propose rewarding Sejanus for breaking the Leek Green party?

3. Who warns Claudius about the draining of the treasury?

4. What does Livia beg Claudius to do for her?

5. What book did Tiberius take with him?

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