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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Claudius advise the old Sergeant to do?
(a) Never turn his back on any of the German guards
(b) Keep his sword with him during Caligula's assembly
(c) Leave the regiment and never look back again
(d) Compliment Caligula as much as he possibly can

2. Whom does Sejanus arrange for Claudius to marry?
(a) His daughter, Julilla
(b) His former wife, Apicata
(c) His step-sister, Ælia
(d) A friend of his named Paulina

3. Who does Caligula marry Claudius to?
(a) Messalina
(b) Agrippinilla
(c) Calpurnia
(d) Ganymede

4. What was the biggest obstacle to the plot to assassinate Caligula?
(a) Caligula had a strong network of spies in the palace.
(b) No one was sure if Caligula was mortal or immortal.
(c) The German bodyguards were fanatically devoted to him.
(d) Most of the people in Rome still loved Caligula.

5. Who is Claudius surprised to find in his bedroom?
(a) A hired assassin
(b) His nephew, Caligula
(c) His wife, Urgulanilla
(d) His brother's wife

6. Why does Caligula start to become unpopular?
(a) He begins ordering everyone to wear the color green.
(b) He orders so many holidays that no work can get done.
(c) He pushes hundreds of people into the water to drown.
(d) He stops holding games to punish the citizens for booing.

7. What is Claudius surprised about once Livia is dead?
(a) How old her corpse looks on the pyre
(b) How long it takes the news to reach Tiberius
(c) How much people loved his grandmother
(d) How much worse Tiberius begins to act

8. Who persuades Claudius to accept the position?
(a) Messalina
(b) Caesonia
(c) Calpurnia
(d) Vitellius

9. Why did Tiberius allow Agrippina to remain alive and free?
(a) She was still under Livia's protection.
(b) She was the mother of his grandchildren.
(c) He was hoping she would consent to marry him.
(d) He still had warm feelings for Germanicus.

10. Where did Tiberius live once he left Rome?
(a) In a villa in Pompeii
(b) In the town of Lyons
(c) On the island of Capri
(d) In the city of Capua

11. Caligula made all the palace men shave their heads because:
(a) He was afraid of lice.
(b) Only the Gods can have hair.
(c) He thought it looked better.
(d) He was going bald himself.

12. What did the oracle at the Temple of Fortune tell Caligula?
(a) Do not perform in public.
(b) Beware of Cassius.
(c) You will be safe in Eqypt.
(d) Fear the Tiger!

13. Where is Senator Gallus when the Roman Guards come to arrest him?
(a) Eating dinner with Tiberius
(b) Just outside the Senate building
(c) Seeing Agrippina off at the harbor
(d) Returning to Rome from his villa

14. What thought does Claudius comfort himself with as he is made emperor?
(a) That Livia was right about him after all
(b) That he was able to save his wife and young son
(c) That people will finally want to read his books
(d) That he will be able to restore the Republic soon

15. What does Livia call Caligula?
(a) Very handsome
(b) An artist
(c) A sweetheart
(d) A monster

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Claudius not want to be emperor?

2. What, according to Sejanus, is the Leek Green Party?

3. What does Claudius miss most when he is staying in Carthage?

4. What does Piso give Tiberius at his trial?

5. Where is Germanicus sent after finishing his Consulship?

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