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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who warns Claudius about the draining of the treasury?
(a) Caligula
(b) Macro
(c) Calpurnia
(d) Antonia

2. What does Piso give Tiberius at his trial?
(a) A gift that he claimed was from the people of Syria
(b) A bundle of letters that Tiberius wrote to him
(c) A small, wrapped package about the size of a good-luck charm
(d) A book that he says was Germanicus's personal journal

3. Who is the first person that Caligula ordered killed after taking the throne?
(a) Cassius
(b) Antonia
(c) Gemellus
(d) Drusilla

4. What does Urgulanilla say about Claudius in her will?
(a) He was the only man I ever loved.
(b) He is no fool.
(c) He was much nicer than you would think.
(d) I did not hate him.

5. Why is Piso sent to Syria?
(a) To raise more taxes for Rome
(b) To govern the province
(c) To build a new city
(d) To train the troops there

6. Who speaks at Livia's funeral?
(a) Claudius
(b) Tiberius
(c) Caligula
(d) Nero

7. How does Tiberius lose his friend, Nerva?
(a) Nerva simply stops eating one day.
(b) Nerva is killed by Caligula.
(c) Nerva asks to go back to Rome.
(d) Nerva learns the truth about Tiberius.

8. Why did neither Tiberius or Livia attend the Roman funeral for Germanicus?
(a) They did not want to encounter his wife, Agrippina.
(b) They were too grief-stricken by his death.
(c) They would have been attacked by the people there.
(d) They were busy reviewing the annual tax records.

9. How did Caligula raise funds in France?
(a) He held an auction and sold off the royal family's goods.
(b) He executed the most wealthy locals for treason.
(c) He raided the houses of all the wealthy landowners.
(d) He raised the local taxes by three hundred percent.

10. Cassius Chærea was disgusted when Caligula made him:
(a) Torture a young noble woman.
(b) Play horsie for Drusilla.
(c) Kill a batch of puppies.
(d) Get married to a young boy.

11. What condition does Claudius demand of Livia?
(a) That she tell him the truth about her crimes
(b) That she keep Tiberius in check by opposing him
(c) That she help him to divorce his new wife
(d) That she promise to continue protecting Agrippina

12. Which crime did Caligula reinstate as a capital crime?
(a) Tax Evasion
(b) Embezzling
(c) Treason
(d) Adultery

13. What does Claudius say about Nero, Germanicus's eldest son?
(a) He was not as smart as people thought he was.
(b) He was the only child to show polite behavior.
(c) He was the only really good child of Germanicus.
(d) He was prone to moods and easily corrupted.

14. What was the outcome of Senator Gallus's trial?
(a) He died before the trial was held.
(b) He was found guilty of treason.
(c) He was found innocent of all charges.
(d) He was found guilty of corruption.

15. Caligula amuses the populace by using what class of people as sword-fighters?
(a) People who cannot pay their debts
(b) Prisoners of war from Germany
(c) Former Senators and their wives
(d) Hostages from foreign lands

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Sejanus advise Claudius not to do?

2. Where do the looting soldiers find Claudius?

3. What, according to Claudius, was a great turning point in Tiberius's reign?

4. Why was Claudius summoned to the Hall of Justice late one night?

5. What does Livia call Caligula?

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