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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What finally happens to Tiberius's body?
(a) It is half-burned in the town of Atilla.
(b) It is burned on the Mars Field with honors.
(c) It is thrown into the Tiber like a criminal.
(d) It is left to rot on the Island of Capri.

2. What does Livia tell Claudius about himself?
(a) That he is going to conquer Britain
(b) That he is going to avenge Caligula's death
(c) That he is going to become a God
(d) That he is going to kill Tiberius

3. Cassius Chærea was disgusted when Caligula made him:
(a) Torture a young noble woman.
(b) Play horsie for Drusilla.
(c) Kill a batch of puppies.
(d) Get married to a young boy.

4. What does Piso give Tiberius at his trial?
(a) A bundle of letters that Tiberius wrote to him
(b) A small, wrapped package about the size of a good-luck charm
(c) A book that he says was Germanicus's personal journal
(d) A gift that he claimed was from the people of Syria

5. One of Caligula's first acts is to:
(a) Declare war on Carthage
(b) Make his grandmother a Goddess
(c) Declare a general amnesty
(d) Dissolve the Senate

6. What does Caligula make his sisters do to earn their keep?
(a) Prostitute themselves to wealthy noblemen
(b) Sing and dance at the theater
(c) Go out begging on the streets
(d) Make tapestries and pots to sell

7. What trick does Caligula use to cheer Tiberius up?
(a) He tells Tiberius bawdy stories from the solider camps.
(b) He tells Tiberius about some new sexual practice.
(c) He presents Tiberius with another virgin to violate.
(d) He suggests some new person Tiberius can execute.

8. Why do the soldiers need a new emperor?
(a) To keep the people of Rome happy
(b) To placate the German bodyguards
(c) To keep expanding Roman territory
(d) To make sure they get paid

9. What agreement do Ælia and Claudius come to regarding their marriage?
(a) That they will live together
(b) That they will divorce in two years
(c) That they will not have sex with each other
(d) That they will survive Tiberius

10. What were the spoils of Caligula's war on Neptune?
(a) Lobsters and jellyfish
(b) Ropes of black pearls
(c) Cartloads of seaweed
(d) Boxes of seashells

11. Why does Claudius not want to be emperor?
(a) He fears that he will be killed.
(b) He just wants to live quietly.
(c) He knows that he will abuse the position.
(d) He wants Rome to be a republic.

12. How does Caligula react to Cassius's story of a German ambush?
(a) He runs away in terror.
(b) He declares the story untrue.
(c) He re-enacts it the next day.
(d) He scoffs at Cassius.

13. What does Claudius say about Nero, Germanicus's eldest son?
(a) He was prone to moods and easily corrupted.
(b) He was the only really good child of Germanicus.
(c) He was the only child to show polite behavior.
(d) He was not as smart as people thought he was.

14. In a speech about Tiberius to the Senate, Caligula:
(a) Pleads for forgiveness from Tiberius
(b) Calls them cowards and traitors
(c) Executes a Senator for coughing
(d) Declares Tiberius to be a God

15. Agrippina asks Tiberius for permission to marry who?
(a) The honored general, Blæasus
(b) Tiberius's mocker, Gallus
(c) Her brother-in-law, Claudius
(d) Tiberius's adviser, Sejanus

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Livia beg Claudius to do for her?

2. Where did Tiberius live once he left Rome?

3. Why did Tiberius not visit his son, Castor, before Castor's death?

4. What does Livia ask Plancina to do?

5. What disturbs Claudius about Caligula?

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