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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Livia tell Claudius about her own death?
(a) That she will be murdered by Tiberius
(b) That she knows the very day she will die
(c) That she is planning to commit suicide
(d) That she wants him to plan her funeral

2. What, according to Sejanus, is the Leek Green Party?
(a) An event to which Tiberius was not invited
(b) A political faction led by Agrippina
(c) A secret group of skilled assassins
(d) Livia's network of senator's wives

3. Whom does Sejanus arrange for Claudius to marry?
(a) His daughter, Julilla
(b) A friend of his named Paulina
(c) His former wife, Apicata
(d) His step-sister, Ælia

4. Agrippina asks Tiberius for permission to marry who?
(a) Tiberius's adviser, Sejanus
(b) The honored general, Blæasus
(c) Her brother-in-law, Claudius
(d) Tiberius's mocker, Gallus

5. What does Piso give Tiberius at his trial?
(a) A gift that he claimed was from the people of Syria
(b) A bundle of letters that Tiberius wrote to him
(c) A book that he says was Germanicus's personal journal
(d) A small, wrapped package about the size of a good-luck charm

6. Cassius Chærea was disgusted when Caligula made him:
(a) Kill a batch of puppies.
(b) Torture a young noble woman.
(c) Get married to a young boy.
(d) Play horsie for Drusilla.

7. In a speech about Tiberius to the Senate, Caligula:
(a) Calls them cowards and traitors
(b) Executes a Senator for coughing
(c) Declares Tiberius to be a God
(d) Pleads for forgiveness from Tiberius

8. What does Claudius miss most when he is staying in Carthage?
(a) Trees
(b) Calpurnia
(c) Playing dice
(d) Germanicus

9. Why was Claudius summoned to the Hall of Justice late one night?
(a) To go over Livia's records
(b) To watch Caligula dance
(c) To judge a trial against Jove
(d) To be sentenced to death

10. What thought does Claudius comfort himself with as he is made emperor?
(a) That he will be able to restore the Republic soon
(b) That Livia was right about him after all
(c) That he was able to save his wife and young son
(d) That people will finally want to read his books

11. Which sister of Caligula did he claim as his favorite?
(a) Julilla
(b) Drusilla
(c) Ganymede
(d) Agrippinilla

12. One of Caligula's first acts is to:
(a) Declare war on Carthage
(b) Dissolve the Senate
(c) Make his grandmother a Goddess
(d) Declare a general amnesty

13. Who persuades Claudius to accept the position?
(a) Caesonia
(b) Messalina
(c) Calpurnia
(d) Vitellius

14. What does Germanicus fear Plancina is doing?
(a) Undermining Agrippina's authority
(b) Stealing money from the treasury
(c) Corrupting his children's discipline
(d) Practicing witchcraft against him

15. Why is Piso sent to Syria?
(a) To train the troops there
(b) To govern the province
(c) To raise more taxes for Rome
(d) To build a new city

Short Answer Questions

1. What were the spoils of Caligula's war on Neptune?

2. Who speaks at Livia's funeral?

3. How does Caligula react to Cassius's story of a German ambush?

4. Who is the first person that Caligula ordered killed after taking the throne?

5. Where is Germanicus sent after finishing his Consulship?

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