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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 21.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What finally happens to Plancina?
(a) She returns to Syria and marries the new governor.
(b) She is invited to dinner by Livia and poisoned.
(c) She is acquitted of murdering Germanicus.
(d) She kills herself by taking poison.

2. What does Claudius think is the reason for the low marriage rate?
(a) Marrying the wrong family risks death
(b) Single women have more rights
(c) Prostitutes are cheaper and nicer
(d) There are no pretty girls left

3. Who does Claudius fall in love with?
(a) Agrippina
(b) Aemilia
(c) Julilla
(d) Camilla

4. Why does Augustus move the sword-fighters out of the city?
(a) They are expected to defend the outer boroughs.
(b) They are needed to help transport corn shipments.
(c) So that smaller cities can enjoy their shows.
(d) He is afraid they might lead rebellions.

5. What honor does Livia create for Urgulania?
(a) Mother Confessor for the Vestals
(b) First Daughter of Rome
(c) Chief Priestess to Diana
(d) Second Wife of the Emperor

Short Answer Questions

1. Who accuses Postumus of trying to rape her?

2. What events trigger political unrest in Rome in 5 A.D.?

3. Who really orders the death of Postumus after Augustus dies?

4. What omen is cited by Tiberius to show that Augustus should become a God?

5. With Postumus gone, who is the sole heir to Augustus's crown?

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