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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 21.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened to Martina, the chief witness against Piso and Plancina?
(a) She killed herself in her cell.
(b) She was killed by agents of Sejanus.
(c) Livia sent her away to an island.
(d) She was bribed to perjure herself.

2. What honor does Livia create for Urgulania?
(a) First Daughter of Rome
(b) Chief Priestess to Diana
(c) Mother Confessor for the Vestals
(d) Second Wife of the Emperor

3. Who accuses Postumus of trying to rape her?
(a) Livilla and Julilla
(b) Æmillia and Urgulanilla
(c) Both Livilla and Æmillia
(d) Only Livilla

4. What does Livia ask Plancina to do?
(a) Persuade Piso to kill himself before the trial ends
(b) Use her witchcraft to kill Agrippina and her children
(c) Get the incriminating letter that Livia wrote to Piso
(d) To leave Rome and return to Syria after Piso's death

5. Why was Postumus not arrested at Ostia?
(a) He was disguised as a sailor and slipped into the crowd.
(b) He was unable to land in the harbor because of bad weather.
(c) The people of Ostia turned on the guards and beat them.
(d) The crowd was too large for the officers to challenge.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who offers to capture Postumus for Tiberius?

2. What does Augustus blame for the low marriage rate in Rome?

3. What does Claudius think is the reason for the low marriage rate?

4. Why does Augustus move the sword-fighters out of the city?

5. Who does Claudius fall in love with?

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