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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Larry accuse Hickey of being?
(a) Insane and a liar.
(b) Strange but exciting.
(c) Refreshing and bold.
(d) Kind and honest.

2. What does Larry say jokingly to the comatose Hugo?
(a) Hickey is too popular for his own good.
(b) He wants to run away.
(c) The girls are annoying him.
(d) Hickey has started a real revolution.

3. What instructions does Hickey give Cora?
(a) Begin the birthday meal.
(b) To sit at a piano and practice.
(c) Buy more gifts for Harry.
(d) Marry Chuck and move to the country.

4. Why do they sit down by Rocky?
(a) They are friends with Rocky.
(b) To catch up on the gossip they have missed.
(c) He will buy them a drink.
(d) To hand over the proceeds of their night's work.

5. About what does Willie complain?
(a) Having an uncomfortable bed to sleep on.
(b) A boring job.
(c) Being left out of Larry's description.
(d) Running out of alcohol.

Short Answer Questions

1. About what do McGloin and Mosher manipulate Harry into reminiscing?

2. About what does Joe dream?

3. How does everyone react when Hickey says he has stopped drinking?

4. How does Parritt feel about finding Larry?

5. About what do Pearl and Margie tease Parritt?

Short Essay Questions

1. After Larry toasts Hickey and hopes he finds some kind of peace, how does Parritt react?

2. Why was Bessie angry at McGloin?

3. Why is Rocky so upset?

4. How is the reunion between Rocky, Margie, and Pearl?

5. What has happened to Wetjoen and Lewis?

6. What do Mosher and McGloin say about Harry?

7. Why does Willie refuse Rocky's drink offer?

8. How does Rocky feel about being called a pimp?

9. What does Hickey do after he encourages the others to keep drinking?

10. How has Larry spent his day?

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