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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Hickey want to die?
(a) He feels so guilty.
(b) He needs to explain to Evelyn why he did what he did.
(c) He wants God to punish him.
(d) He wants the pain to end.

2. Where are most of the regular down-and-outers sitting?
(a) In different seats.
(b) Outside the bar.
(c) In their usual positions.
(d) At the tables.

3. How does Larry compare Parritt to Hickey?
(a) They both are hypocrites.
(b) They are both annoying.
(c) They are both delusional.
(d) They both have pipe dreams.

4. What does Larry do as the other down-and-outers drunkenly sing their favorite songs?
(a) Passes out.
(b) Sits staring into space.
(c) Walks out of the bar.
(d) Joins them in singing.

5. Why does Harry angrily tell them all to quit?
(a) They are taunting him.
(b) He does not want to celebrate his birthday.
(c) So they do not attract the police.
(d) He is upset about his wife.

6. What do the police not know?
(a) Who killed Evelyn.
(b) To read the Miranda Rights.
(c) That Evelyn is dead.
(d) The law.

7. What do Chuck and the others say to Hickey as he is rambling on about having no more pipe dreams living freely?
(a) Be quiet.
(b) You should not be here.
(c) We do not believe you.
(d) We want to believe you.

8. How is Harry when he rushes into the bar?
(a) Terrified and begging for a drink.
(b) Nervous and begging for a drink.
(c) Excited and beggin for a drink.
(d) Sad and begging for a drink.

9. Why does Hickey say he will have a glass of champagne?
(a) He is being pressured to have some.
(b) They are doing a toast to Harry.
(c) He likes champagne.
(d) To prove he can still be sociable.

10. What does Harry say Hickey made the booze do?
(a) Lose its impact.
(b) Get warm.
(c) Disappear.
(d) Turn sour.

11. With what kind of woman is Parritt through?
(a) Poor women.
(b) Ugly women.
(c) Prostitutes.
(d) Shallow women.

12. What peace does Larry say Hickey brought?
(a) Peace of faith.
(b) Peace of death.
(c) Peace of love.
(d) Peace of honesty.

13. What does Hickey admit about Evelyn?
(a) She is not dead.
(b) She was shot.
(c) He shot Eveylyn.
(d) They were never officially married.

14. Why is Rocky not able to get up to leave?
(a) He is too drunk.
(b) He is stuck in his chair.
(c) He hurt his leg.
(d) Harry will not let him.

15. What does Harry ask from Larry?
(a) An apology.
(b) For understanding.
(c) A drink.
(d) A hug.

Short Answer Questions

1. For what are the regulars waiting?

2. Who are the two men that appear?

3. What does Rocky do to Parritt?

4. What does Hickey say about the regulars?

5. What does Hickey say when he comes in?

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