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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What days does Joe recall?
(a) When he lived well off the proceeds of his successful gambling house.
(b) The days of his youth.
(c) When he was married to his high school sweetheart.
(d) When he first starting coming to the saloon.

2. What does Harry say when he wakes up?
(a) Go to sleep.
(b) Drink more.
(c) Keep the noise down.
(d) Go home.

3. Who is the man who arrived the night before?
(a) Harry.
(b) Joe.
(c) Willie.
(d) Parritt.

4. What is nearing completion later that night at the saloon?
(a) Prepartions for Harry's birthday party.
(b) The new kitchen.
(c) Prepartions for a Mardi Gras party.
(d) The regulars' time together.

5. Why is Parritt worried?
(a) He cannot find his wallet.
(b) He has no money and no job.
(c) He misses his father.
(d) His mother is in prison.

6. What does Willie's singing do?
(a) Annoys Harry.
(b) Breaks glass.
(c) Awakens all the regulars.
(d) Encourages the other to join in.

7. Where do Cora, Margie, and Pearl place Hickey's parcels?
(a) By Harry.
(b) In an upstairs room.
(c) With the other birthday presents.
(d) In a corner.

8. What does Parritt ask Larry to tell him?
(a) How to get a room in the hotel.
(b) Where to find a job.
(c) About the other regulars.
(d) Where his mother is being held.

9. Of what was Larry once an active member?
(a) The Boy Scouts.
(b) The Anarchist Movement.
(c) The Sierra Club.
(d) The NRA.

10. Why does Joe announce the bar is closed?
(a) The bar is closed for repairs.
(b) The bar is closed for an inspection.
(c) The bar is closed for the party.
(d) The bar is closed because there is no alcohol left.

11. Why does Willie begin to sing?
(a) To fill the time until Hickey's arrival.
(b) He has a song stuck in his head.
(c) To entertain the other men.
(d) He loves to sing.

12. How does everyone react when Hickey says he has stopped drinking?
(a) They think he is joking.
(b) They are sad.
(c) They believe him instantly.
(d) They are angry.

13. What do the girls believe they are?
(a) Prostitutes.
(b) Not prostitutes.
(c) Actresses.
(d) Waitresses.

14. What do Mosher and McGloin say about Bessie's family?
(a) They are very quiet.
(b) They are very controlling.
(c) They are very kind.
(d) They are very odd.

15. What excuse does Chuck give for the change in Hickey?
(a) He broke up with his girlfriend.
(b) He was sober.
(c) He is in a bad mood.
(d) He was in a fight.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of student is Willie?

2. What does Jimmy absolutely believe will happen to him?

3. How does Larry describe the regulars' faith?

4. When does he realize he does not need to drink anymore?

5. What triggered a fight with his mother?

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