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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Rocky say he is not?
(a) A thug.
(b) A boyfriend.
(c) A husband.
(d) A pimp.

2. How does Mosher make the others laugh?
(a) By falling off his stool.
(b) By snoring loudly.
(c) By telling them a joke.
(d) By teasing Hickey.

3. What kind of student is Willie?
(a) A law student.
(b) A grad student.
(c) A med student.
(d) A doctoral student.

4. For what does he apologize?
(a) Showing up so late.
(b) Sounding like he is delivering a sermon.
(c) Ruining their evening.
(d) Not buying them alcohol.

5. From where does Hickey know Parritt?
(a) Grade school.
(b) Little League baseball.
(c) The Movement.
(d) He cannot say.

6. About what does Joe dream?
(a) Hickey.
(b) His life.
(c) His gambling hall.
(d) His wife.

7. What are almost all the regulars doing?
(a) Complaining.
(b) Talking.
(c) Arguing.
(d) Running tabs.

8. Who is the man who arrived the night before?
(a) Harry.
(b) Willie.
(c) Parritt.
(d) Joe.

9. On what do Lewis, Wetjoen, and Jimmy live?
(a) Veteran pay.
(b) Meager salaries.
(c) Hand-outs.
(d) Harry's generosity.

10. How does Larry describe the regulars' faith?
(a) Insignificant.
(b) Delusional.
(c) A touching faith in tomorrow.
(d) A lack of faith in tomorrow.

11. What does Joe challenge all the others to do?
(a) Stop talking about Hickey.
(b) Be kind to one another.
(c) Respect him.
(d) Have a drinking competition.

12. What is Willie determined to do?
(a) Stop drinking.
(b) Be cheerful.
(c) Go and apply for a job.
(d) Leave the bar.

13. What does Parritt want from Larry?
(a) Love.
(b) Money.
(c) Nothing.
(d) A job.

14. How do Pearl and Margie look at each other?
(a) Meaningfully.
(b) Angrily.
(c) Surprised.
(d) Sadly.

15. What does Hickey do with a roll of money?
(a) Buys everyone a non-alcoholic beverage.
(b) Taunts everyone with it.
(c) Throws it away.
(d) Buys everyone a drink.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Willie begin to sing?

2. Why does Willie stop singing?

3. What does he say they all will be when they see the truth behind what he is saying?

4. On what did Jimmy report?

5. What does Hickey know about everyone?

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