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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 4, Part 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hickey know is hard to face down?
(a) Pipe dreams.
(b) Poverty.
(c) Unemployment.
(d) Lies.

2. Why does Hickey say he will have a glass of champagne?
(a) He is being pressured to have some.
(b) They are doing a toast to Harry.
(c) To prove he can still be sociable.
(d) He likes champagne.

3. What does Larry think should happen to the person who turned Parritt's mother in?
(a) He should be rewarded.
(b) He should be given the death penalty.
(c) He should be punished.
(d) He should be given a raise.

4. When does he realize he does not need to drink anymore?
(a) When he turned forty.
(b) When he gave up on old pipe dreams.
(c) One day when he woke up.
(d) After attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

5. What does Chuck say about his and Cora's dreams of marriage?
(a) Marriage is heaven.
(b) They have come true.
(c) They are dreams.
(d) They are reality.

Short Answer Questions

1. For what does Hickey again apologize?

2. What does Larry say about all of his dreams?

3. What happened when Jimmy found his wife with another man?

4. What triggered a fight with his mother?

5. About what does Rocky complain?

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