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Harry Hope's Saloon and Bar

Create your own work of art illustrating the play's setting.

Your Favorite Character

Choose your favorite character, and create a 2-minute monologue to present to the class. Dress as your character for your monologue.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Research this organization. Write a short essay giving a brief history of AA and what it offers to those who suffer from alcoholism.


Research alcoholism, and create a five-minute presentation to the class on the symptoms of, dangers of, and remedies for this disease.

Small Group Scene

Split into small groups, and choose a scene from the play. Perform this scene for the rest of the class.

The Iceman

Research the history of the iceman. Write a short essay explaining your findings.

The Iceman Cometh

Find a production of THE ICEMAN COMETH or get a copy of a production to watch in class. Compare and contrast...

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