The Iceman Cometh Character Descriptions

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James Cameron - See Jimmy Tomorrow.

The Captain - See Cecil Lewis.

Cora - This character is a prostitute. She fantasizes about someday getting married to her pimp and moving to the country.

The General - See Piet Wetjoen.

Hickey - This character is a hardware salesman who comes to Harry Hope's saloon twice a year for a drinking binge.

Theodore Hickman - See Hickey.

Harry Hope - This character has a gruff manner and tries to act tough. He is a softhearted sort, and the roomers depend on his kindness when they cannot pay their bills or afford another drink.

Hugo Kalmar - This character was once the editor of anarchist periodicals. He spent ten years in prison for the Movement, but he is now lost in an alcoholic haze.

Cecil Lewis - This character was once a Captain in the British Army. He fought...

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