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James Rollins
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Short Answer Questions

1. What valley does Jenny fly toward after aiming away from the cliff face when she is being pursued and shot at?

2. What year did a submarine first cross the Arctic Ocean and pass under the North Pole?

3. How far is Prudhoe Bay from Jenny's cabin?

4. How long has Matt Pike been divorced?

5. How long has Viktor waited to avenge his father's death?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does it mean to Viktor when he learns that the U.S. Delta Force has been mobilized?

2. What type of a welcome do Jenny, Matt, and the others receive when they land at the place where they believe the drift station is?

3. How are the titanium spheres being arranged by the Russian divers?

4. What is the task of the crew on the USS Polar Sentinel?

5. How is the Drakon equipped?

6. What are storms like at the polar ice cap?

7. How has Russian changed during Viktor's lifetime?

8. Why hasn't Matt tried to do something so Bane won't snore?

9. What is found by Henry Ogden in a tunnel in the Crawl Space?

10. Why is Matt shocked when he sees the pilot from the downed plane?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Chapter 2, Matt and Stefan survive despite the challenges they face. Discuss perseverance in the novel and how various characters demonstrate this trait.

Essay Topic 2

Amanda decided to defy authority and bring Jenny, Matt, Craig, and John to the Ice Station. Discuss Amanda's reasons for deciding to bring the four to the ice station.

Essay Topic 3

In Chapter 9, Amanda is able to use the walkie-talkie to call for help; but, because of her deafness, she doesn't know if anyone hears her. Discuss Amanda's deafness and the challenges it presents throughout the novel. Are there times when her deafness is an advantage?

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