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James Rollins
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How large is the boulder that lands in front of the ice boat as Amanda, Jenny, and Craig flee?
(a) Size of an elephant.
(b) Size of a cow.
(c) Size of a tire.
(d) Size of a car.

2. How many feet of water cushions the Polar Sentinel when Omega station blows up?
(a) 300 feet.
(b) 400 feet.
(c) 200 feet.
(d) 500 feet.

3. What does Amanda yell they need when the ice break on the ice boat is damaged?
(a) A crow bar.
(b) An ice pick.
(c) A hammer.
(d) An ax.

4. How close did the beast get to Amanda's hiding place in Chapter 9, before it turned away?
(a) 2 feet.
(b) About 6 inches.
(c) A few inches.
(d) A foot.

5. When Tom announces that he Jenny, Bane, and Kowalski have about another hundred yards to go, how long have they been crawling toward the ice station?
(a) An hour.
(b) A half an hour.
(c) 45 minutes.
(d) 90 minutes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What god does Tom remember from his grandfather's stories?

2. How old is the Russian soldier that a pair of Delta Force team members capture?

3. What color are the lights that circle the titanium sphere?

4. What type of a weapon does Greer give Matt when they reach the Ice Station?

5. What is the top speed that the ice boat attains when Amanda, Jenny, and Craig try to escape the Russian and grendels?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is on Level 4?

2. What has to be done after the ice brake is damaged on the ice boat to stop the boat?

3. How is Viktor Petkov dressed at the beginning of Chapter 11?

4. What does the creature look like that comes into the nest where Amanda is hiding?

5. How is the code broken for the journals that Craig steals from the Ice Station?

6. Why did the Russians bring Jenny and John to the base?

7. What is Dr. Ogden's theory about the grendels' social structure?

8. What does Matt believe it would take for Delta Force to take the Ice Station from the Russians?

9. What is Mikovsky thinking after the Polar Sentinel pings his sub?

10. Why does Matt believe that Bane is killed?

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