Objects & Places from Ice Hunt

James Rollins
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Polar Sentinel

This is a sub that has Cyclops built into it and acts as a research vessel.


This is a plastic shell that acts as part of the Polar Sentinels hull while giving an unprecedented view of their surroundings.

Deep Eye Sonar System

This equipment surveys ice under water using a penetrating sonar.

White Ghost (Beliy Prizrak)

This is a nickname for the Russian admiral.


This is a Soviet submarine.


This is the name of a monster that was defeated by Beowulf and also refers to the creatures in the story.


This is the name of Matt's horse.

SCICEX Research Group

This is a scientific group working at the Omega Drift Station.


This is the most remote part of the polar ice cap, is the hardest place to reach, and it is the most isolated.


This is a storehouse for meat...

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