Daily Lessons for Teaching Ice Hunt

James Rollins
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Lesson 1 (from Act One: Snow Flight: Chapter One: Blood Lure)


"Ice Hunt" is written by James Rollins. The objective of this lesson is to learn about the author, and to discuss James Rollins and his writing.


1) Research: Read biographical information about James Rollins. Where did Rollins grow up? Where was he educated? What was his occupation before he began writing? When did he begin writing? What is his real name? What other pen name does he use? Why does he use two pen names? What was his first novel? What pastimes provide ideas for his writing?

2) Class Discussion: What organization did Rollins help to create for writers? What authors have inspired Rollins? How does Rollins deal with writer's block? How much of himself does he put into his novels? Does he have any special traditions or ways of writing? What is his schedule for a typical day of writing? How much research does he do...

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