Ice Hunt Character Descriptions

James Rollins
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Matthew Pike - This character is a Fish and Game Officer in Alaska.

Jennifer Aratuk - This character is a sheriff for two tribes.

Craig Teague - This character is the only survivor of a Cessna plane crash.

Viktor Petkov - This character is a Russian Admiral.

Captain Greg Perry - This character is a captain of a U.S. submarine.

Dr. Amanda Reynolds - This character is a scientist who is deaf.

Junaquaat (John) Aratuk - This character blames his son-in-law for the death of his grandson.

Dr. Henry Ogden - This character is an American biologist who studies paleo-biology.

Bennie Hayden - This character has a repair shop and runs sightseeing tours flying people in ultralights.

Belinda Hayden - This character became a hooker at age 16.

Dr. Oskar Willig - This character is a Swedish oceanographer.

Dr. Connor MacFerran - This character is a Scottish...

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