Ice Hunt Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

James Rollins
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Act One: Snow Flight: Chapter One: Blood Lure

• While the USS Polar Sentinel does research in the Arctic Circle, an ice island is discovered with a World War II Russian submarine docked within.

• Bodies are seen, and scans seem to indicate that something is alive inside the island.

• Matthew Pike, a fish and game officer is tracking bears.

• At his camp, as he prepares to fix dinner, he hears a plane engine sputtering and then the sound of a crash.

• Matt saddles his horse and heads to the crash site.

• Viktor Petkov boards the submarine Drakon.

• Though he knows the plans and layout of the submarine he allows Captain Mikovsky to show him around.
• Inside his cabin , Viktor makes a phone call.

• When Leopard answers, Viktor learns that the target is down, and he orders that no survivors be allowed to survive.

• When Matt arrives at the crash...

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