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Short Answer Questions

1. What problem did Michener find at the second restaurant?

2. At the end of the fiesta, the American saw his first:

3. Which of the following does not come from the Las Marismas area?

4. What does Michener recommend travelers do before visiting Spain?

5. Michener travels to Las Marismas to visit:

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does the author compare Spain to Italy?

2. Why does Michener recommend Sevilla as the city to visit if the traveler can only visit one city in Spain?

3. What is the city of Sanlucar known for?

4. Was the author impressed with his first visit to Spain?

5. What is Michener's reason for going to the Las Marsimas area?

6. How did there come to be an Islamic culture in Spain?

7. Who was Seneca, one of the four men whose birthplace Michener wanted to see?

8. What is significant about the cathedral of Toledo?

9. What problems does Michener experience with restaurants when he first arrives in Toledo?

10. What was the Spanish Civil War?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

There is a strong separatism movement in Spain in Catalonia, especially in the Basque region. Explain what separatism is. What is it that the Catalan separatists want? What are the effects of separatism?

Essay Topic 2

Has this book stimulated your interests in Spain? Why or why not? What parts of Spain would you like to see? Why? What parts would you like to avoid and why?

Essay Topic 3

Franco established a right wing dictatorship after winning the Spanish Civil War. Discuss the Franco dictatorship. What did the terms red and white refer to after the establishment of the dictatorship? Were they distortions? Why does a dictatorship have to lie to its people?

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