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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. A corrida is:
(a) the terms used to denote a poor bull
(b) the outfit the matador wears
(c) the terms used to denote a poor matador
(d) a complete bullfight

2. What did Michener discover had occurred along the Mediterranean sea coast since his last visit three years earlier?
(a) the seashore had deteriorated
(b) it was developed with apartment buildings and resorts
(c) there had been an oil spill
(d) the seacoast was being preserved

3. Michener found Madrid newspapers to:
(a) be very informational
(b) have little information on the politics in Spain
(c) have little international news
(d) have many sales pages

4. Who walks into the Bar Txoco when Michener is there?
(a) Generalisimo France
(b) Prince Juan Carlos
(c) Ernest Hemingway
(d) President Zaomoa

5. The sport of bullfighting is subject to:
(a) corruption
(b) poorly trained matadors
(c) low attendance
(d) poorly bred bulls

Short Answer Questions

1. Who shows Michener around Teruel?

2. The patron saint of Spain is:

3. While traveling from town to town, Michener is tracing the history of:

4. Which of the following is not one of Michener's reasons for going to the Pamploma region?

5. Michener admits that regarding bullfighting:

Short Essay Questions

1. What was the Spanish Inquisition?

2. What caused the decline of the University of Salamanca?

3. Why is there antagonism between Barcelona and Madrid?

4. When Michener discusses the changes that have taken place in Madrid since his first visit, to what does he attribute the changed mores of women?

5. What does Michener say he tries to focus on in Iberia?

6. What kind of corruption takes place in bullfighting?

7. How do the Spanish acquire apartments in the seacoast areas?

8. What is a tapas bar?

9. What is Michener's attitude toward bullfighting?

10. What is the Day of St. James?

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