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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The tertulia is a:
(a) dance
(b) theater
(c) social club
(d) restaurant

2. According to tradition, the Apostle James:
(a) preached in this part of Spain
(b) was born in Santiage de Compostella
(c) was martyred in Compostella
(d) wrote about Compostella

3. The patron saint of Spain is:
(a) St. Augustin
(b) St. James
(c) St. Juan
(d) St. Teresa

4. What form of entertainment did the Micheners enjoy so much in Barcelona?
(a) soccer
(b) flamenco
(c) going to bars
(d) opera

5. The onset of the running of the bulls is signaled by:
(a) the explosion of fireworks rockets
(b) the blast of a whlstle
(c) sunrise
(d) the drop of a flag

Short Answer Questions

1. Michener describes the journey across northern Spain to Santiago de Compostella as:

2. Benjamin of Tudela did all but the following:

3. Where did Isabel die?

4. The wealthiest shrine in Christendom is at:

5. Pamplona is preparing for the yearly feast of:

Short Essay Questions

1. When Michener discusses the changes that have taken place in Madrid since his first visit, to what does he attribute the changed mores of women?

2. What kind of corruption takes place in bullfighting?

3. Where does the world Iberia come from?

4. What is Michener's attitude toward bullfighting?

5. Why is there antagonism between Barcelona and Madrid?

6. Why is Michener's wife excited about visiting Barcelona?

7. What caused the decline of the University of Salamanca?

8. What is the cuadrilla?

9. How had the small town of Teruel become significant in the Spanish Civil War?

10. What did Michener think of his experience in Castielfabib?

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