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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the square that Michener feels is the finest in Spain and one of the best in the world?
(a) St. Marks
(b) St. Teresas
(c) Salamanca's Plaza Mayor
(d) Zocalo

2. The sport of bullfighting is subject to:
(a) corruption
(b) low attendance
(c) poorly bred bulls
(d) poorly trained matadors

3. Michener feels the best bullfights are when:
(a) the bulls are from the same ranch
(b) the bull ring is large
(c) the bulls are small
(d) the matadors are young

4. The onset of the running of the bulls is signaled by:
(a) sunrise
(b) the explosion of fireworks rockets
(c) the drop of a flag
(d) the blast of a whlstle

5. Along the route is the shrine to:
(a) the Virgin of Lourdes
(b) the Virgin of Guadaloupe
(c) the Virgin of Fatima
(d) the Virgin of El Puy

Short Answer Questions

1. While sitting in the Plaza Mayor, Michener overhears a conversation of a group of Frenchmen. What does he learn?

2. A corrida is:

3. Michener admits that regarding bullfighting:

4. Benjamin of Tudela did all but the following:

5. The Day of St. James begins with a midnight:

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Michener say that Arevalo is renowned for?

2. When Michener discusses the changes that have taken place in Madrid since his first visit, to what does he attribute the changed mores of women?

3. What is the cuadrilla?

4. What does Michener say he tries to focus on in Iberia?

5. Why was Teruel of personal interest to Michener?

6. What is the Way of St. James?

7. What is Michener's attitude toward bullfighting?

8. What is a tapas bar?

9. Where does the world Iberia come from?

10. In Madrid, Michener meets Don Luis, whom he first met at Las Marimas. What do the two men talk about?

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