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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After church on Palm Sunday, participants don:
(a) white suits
(b) hooded tunic costumes
(c) black suits
(d) sports clothes

2. Where does the freighter stop to pick up oranges?
(a) Mallorca
(b) Burriana
(c) Valencia
(d) Castellian

3. Michener travels to the Gredos mountains to see:
(a) a memorial to Franco
(b) A World War II battle site
(c) the memorial to Carlos
(d) a gallery of El Grecos

4. What was the American's impressions of his first bullfight?
(a) he didn't like it
(b) he was very impressed
(c) he found it barbaric
(d) he found it sickening

5. The tombs of Ferdinand and Isabel are located in:
(a) Madrid
(b) Grenada
(c) Toledo
(d) Cordoba

Short Answer Questions

1. Michener travels to Las Marismas to visit:

2. Maimonides was a:

3. After wandering around the country side of Teruel, who does the American meet as he returns?

4. Why didn't Michener enjoy the flamenco dance in Cordoba?

5. The procession takes place through:

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does the author compare Spain to Italy?

2. Why did Michener want to see Cordoba and Grenada?

3. What does Michener learn about the social activities of the average man?

4. Why does Michener consider the side trip to Merida to be a necessity?

5. What is the Alhambra?

6. Why does Michener recommend travelers visit Sevilla during the weeks preceding Easter?

7. Why does Michener recommend Sevilla as the city to visit if the traveler can only visit one city in Spain?

8. What is the major wildlife preserve in Las Marimas?

9. What is a confraternity?

10. How did there come to be an Islamic culture in Spain?

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