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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While walking around Teruel, Michener found:
(a) a newspaper office
(b) a shopping mall
(c) a motorcycle race track
(d) a television studio

2. In a concurso:
(a) the bravest bull is awarded a prize by a panel of judges
(b) a team of matadors fights the bull
(c) the winning matador receives a plaq2ue
(d) spectators are allowed to fight the bull

3. Modern Spain at the time is concerned with the:
(a) separation of church and state
(b) Gibraltar question
(c) modernization
(d) governemnt of Spain after Franco

4. The bulls run a distance of:
(a) one mile
(b) nine nundred yards
(c) seventeen hundred yards
(d) one and one half miles

5. Which of the following was not true of Gibraltar:
(a) Spain wanted self-government in Gibraltar
(b) Gibraltar is called El Penon
(c) Gibraltar voted to remain under British control
(d) the Spanish wanted continued English rule

6. How long did the battle for Teruel last?
(a) 69 days
(b) six months
(c) two weeks
(d) three weeks

7. What does Michener say of Portugal?
(a) Spain is cleaner than Portugal
(b) most men prefer Portugal to Spain
(c) most women prefer Portugal to Spain
(d) Portugal has more history and culture than Spain

8. What caused the decline of the University of Salamanca?
(a) it was closed by Isabel
(b) lack of qualified teachers
(c) lack of students
(d) it became basically a finishing school for the nobility

9. Michener travels to El Escorial to:
(a) visit a vineyard
(b) view the scenery
(c) visit a cattle ranch
(d) see a church

10. What did Isabel do as she moved from place to place?
(a) established herself as regent
(b) bore illigitimate children
(c) carried the remains of her husband with her
(d) demanded tax money

11. Regarding bullfighting, Michener's major interest has always been with:
(a) the bull
(b) the matador
(c) the press coverage
(d) the socializaiton

12. Entremeses are:
(a) an area in the mountains
(b) a selection of different foods served in saucers
(c) a monastery
(d) a hotel in Teruel

13. What did Michener discover had occurred along the Mediterranean sea coast since his last visit three years earlier?
(a) it was developed with apartment buildings and resorts
(b) the seashore had deteriorated
(c) there had been an oil spill
(d) the seacoast was being preserved

14. What is the major feast in Santiago de Compostella?
(a) the Day of St. James
(b) the Day of the Virgin
(c) the Feast of the Templars
(d) the Feast of Guadaloupe

15. Which of the following is not one of Michener's reasons for going to the Pamploma region?
(a) to interview Ernest Hemingway
(b) to picnic in the Pass of Roncasvalles
(c) to see Tudela
(d) to study the cathedral of Pamplona

Short Answer Questions

1. The river of Tudela, the Rio Ebro was:

2. The most popular matador was:

3. Michener describes Barcelona as the:

4. The Spanish Civil War began in:

5. This pilgrimage across Spain is known as:

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