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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The most popular matador was:
(a) Antonio Ordonet
(b) El Cordobes
(c) Joselito
(d) Manolete

2. The bulls run each day for:
(a) ten days
(b) seven days
(c) one day
(d) five days

3. When Michener first arrives in Pamplona, he sees men:
(a) wearing brightly colored straw hats
(b) wearing tunics with hoods
(c) with garlic strings around their necks
(d) sleeping in the streets

4. What is significant about Estrella?
(a) there is a big bull ranch
(b) it is the only place in Spain where women can fight bulls
(c) they make a famous wine
(d) it is a major trading center

5. Michener claims to have seen how many bullfights?
(a) 700
(b) 500
(c) 250
(d) 1000

6. What is a famous wine of the region?
(a) Sangria
(b) the red wine of Rioja
(c) none
(d) while wine from Estrella

7. In a concurso:
(a) a team of matadors fights the bull
(b) spectators are allowed to fight the bull
(c) the bravest bull is awarded a prize by a panel of judges
(d) the winning matador receives a plaq2ue

8. Sets of robes for the Virgin of Guadeloupe are all but the following?
(a) embellished with precious jewels
(b) costly
(c) from various parts of the world
(d) made of stone

9. Pamplona is preparing for the yearly feast of:
(a) Isabel
(b) San Fermin
(c) Santa Teresa
(d) Juan Carlos

10. The Day of St. James begins with a midnight:
(a) procession with a statue of St. James
(b) procession with a statue of the Virgin
(c) Mass
(d) fireworks display

11. The Way of St. James is:
(a) 250 miles
(b) 900 miles
(c) 25 miles
(d) 100 miles

12. The sport of bullfighting is subject to:
(a) poorly bred bulls
(b) corruption
(c) poorly trained matadors
(d) low attendance

13. Michener travels to El Escorial to:
(a) visit a vineyard
(b) view the scenery
(c) see a church
(d) visit a cattle ranch

14. While walking around Teruel, Michener found:
(a) a newspaper office
(b) a television studio
(c) a shopping mall
(d) a motorcycle race track

15. According to tradition, the Apostle James:
(a) preached in this part of Spain
(b) was born in Santiage de Compostella
(c) was martyred in Compostella
(d) wrote about Compostella

Short Answer Questions

1. Michener feels the best bullfights are when:

2. The bulls run a distance of:

3. What is the name of the square that Michener feels is the finest in Spain and one of the best in the world?

4. In Spain:

5. The Prado is a famous:

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