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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Michener learn of the publishing business in Spain?
(a) magazines sell well
(b) both books and magazines sell well
(c) books sell well
(d) neither books nor magazines sell well

2. What did Spanish royalty do with their illegitimate daughters?
(a) treated them as equals
(b) adopted them so they were legitimate
(c) placed them in convents at an early age
(d) had them killed

3. On the way to Teruel, Michener stopped in:
(a) Valencia
(b) Castielfabib
(c) Torremolines
(d) Varriana

4. When Michener first arrives in Pamplona, he sees men:
(a) with garlic strings around their necks
(b) wearing brightly colored straw hats
(c) wearing tunics with hoods
(d) sleeping in the streets

5. The sport of bullfighting is subject to:
(a) corruption
(b) poorly trained matadors
(c) low attendance
(d) poorly bred bulls

6. Who were the Suecas?
(a) Fins, Norwegians, Danes and Germans
(b) strolling ministrals
(c) a singing group
(d) a slamenco group

7. The site of the picnic at Roncesvalles is a significant site:
(a) of a Great Mosque
(b) in the Christians' fight against Islam
(c) in the Greek invasion of Spain
(d) in Franco's war against the Republicans

8. Michener had first been to Madrid in:
(a) 1960
(b) 1956
(c) 1945
(d) 1950

9. Which of the following is not one of Michener's reasons for going to the Pamploma region?
(a) to interview Ernest Hemingway
(b) to study the cathedral of Pamplona
(c) to picnic in the Pass of Roncasvalles
(d) to see Tudela

10. What is significant about Estrella?
(a) it is the only place in Spain where women can fight bulls
(b) there is a big bull ranch
(c) it is a major trading center
(d) they make a famous wine

11. The Way of St. James is:
(a) 900 miles
(b) 250 miles
(c) 100 miles
(d) 25 miles

12. Along the route is the shrine to:
(a) the Virgin of Guadaloupe
(b) the Virgin of Lourdes
(c) the Virgin of Fatima
(d) the Virgin of El Puy

13. The Spanish Civil War began in:
(a) 1939
(b) 1943
(c) 1941
(d) 1936

14. What caused the decline of the University of Salamanca?
(a) it was closed by Isabel
(b) it became basically a finishing school for the nobility
(c) lack of qualified teachers
(d) lack of students

15. The highlight of the feast of San Fermin is the:
(a) speech by the President
(b) blessing of new priests
(c) carnival
(d) running of the bulls

Short Answer Questions

1. The architecture of Northern Spain is:

2. The bulls run a distance of:

3. The bulls run each day for:

4. Michener describes the journey across northern Spain to Santiago de Compostella as:

5. Which of the following was not true of Gibraltar:

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