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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who were the Suecas?
(a) Fins, Norwegians, Danes and Germans
(b) a singing group
(c) strolling ministrals
(d) a slamenco group

2. The bulls run a distance of:
(a) one mile
(b) seventeen hundred yards
(c) nine nundred yards
(d) one and one half miles

3. Which of the following was not true of Gibraltar:
(a) Gibraltar voted to remain under British control
(b) Spain wanted self-government in Gibraltar
(c) Gibraltar is called El Penon
(d) the Spanish wanted continued English rule

4. Michener travels to Alcala de Henares to visit:
(a) the tertulia
(b) winery
(c) art museum
(d) the ruins of Cisneros' university

5. Michener found Madrid newspapers to:
(a) have little information on the politics in Spain
(b) have little international news
(c) be very informational
(d) have many sales pages

6. Benjamin of Tudela did all but the following:
(a) was beheaded by the king
(b) compiled a list of all known Jews in the area
(c) researched Jews in different areas
(d) traveled widely

7. The wealthiest shrine in Christendom is at:
(a) Fatima
(b) Guadeloupe
(c) Grenada
(d) Lourdes

8. The river of Tudela, the Rio Ebro was:
(a) sailed by Magellan
(b) a major thoroughfare
(c) known as the Iberes in ancient times
(d) sailed by Columbus

9. Which of the following is a popular sport in Spain?
(a) jai alai
(b) cricket
(c) baseball
(d) La Crosse

10. Pamplona is preparing for the yearly feast of:
(a) Juan Carlos
(b) San Fermin
(c) Isabel
(d) Santa Teresa

11. What caused the decline of the University of Salamanca?
(a) it became basically a finishing school for the nobility
(b) lack of students
(c) lack of qualified teachers
(d) it was closed by Isabel

12. Which Spanish city had the most personal meaning for Michener?
(a) Grenada
(b) Teruel
(c) Sevilla
(d) Barcelona

13. On the way to Teruel, Michener stopped in:
(a) Torremolines
(b) Castielfabib
(c) Varriana
(d) Valencia

14. The Abraham Lincoln Brigade was composed of:
(a) the press corp
(b) musicians
(c) dancers
(d) American volunteers

15. Paths to the Way of St. James come from:
(a) Madrid
(b) Portugal
(c) France
(d) Germany

Short Answer Questions

1. What form of entertainment did the Micheners enjoy so much in Barcelona?

2. The highlight of the feast of San Fermin is the:

3. The Spanish Civil War began in:

4. Michener admits that regarding bullfighting:

5. Michener describes the journey across northern Spain to Santiago de Compostella as:

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