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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Spanish Civil War began in:
(a) 1939
(b) 1943
(c) 1941
(d) 1936

2. How long did the battle for Teruel last?
(a) six months
(b) 69 days
(c) three weeks
(d) two weeks

3. What is significant about Estrella?
(a) it is the only place in Spain where women can fight bulls
(b) there is a big bull ranch
(c) it is a major trading center
(d) they make a famous wine

4. Michener describes the journey across northern Spain to Santiago de Compostella as:
(a) tiring
(b) boring
(c) the finest in Spain and one of the three best in the world
(d) costly

5. What is the name of the square that Michener feels is the finest in Spain and one of the best in the world?
(a) St. Marks
(b) St. Teresas
(c) Zocalo
(d) Salamanca's Plaza Mayor

6. What does Michener say of Portugal?
(a) Portugal has more history and culture than Spain
(b) most women prefer Portugal to Spain
(c) most men prefer Portugal to Spain
(d) Spain is cleaner than Portugal

7. Michener describes Barcelona as the:
(a) the sister city of Madrid
(b) a shopper's paradise
(c) intellectual capital of Spain
(d) the playground of the rich

8. A complete bull fight consists of how many bulls?
(a) three
(b) six
(c) ten
(d) one

9. A corrida is:
(a) a complete bullfight
(b) the terms used to denote a poor bull
(c) the outfit the matador wears
(d) the terms used to denote a poor matador

10. Michener travels to Alcala de Henares to visit:
(a) the ruins of Cisneros' university
(b) winery
(c) art museum
(d) the tertulia

11. What is the major feast in Santiago de Compostella?
(a) the Feast of the Templars
(b) the Day of the Virgin
(c) the Day of St. James
(d) the Feast of Guadaloupe

12. Regarding bullfighting, Michener's major interest has always been with:
(a) the press coverage
(b) the socializaiton
(c) the matador
(d) the bull

13. When Michener meets Don Luis in Madrid, they discuss:
(a) art
(b) Spain after Franco's death
(c) jai alai
(d) soccer

14. In a concurso:
(a) spectators are allowed to fight the bull
(b) the winning matador receives a plaq2ue
(c) the bravest bull is awarded a prize by a panel of judges
(d) a team of matadors fights the bull

15. Michener admits that regarding bullfighting:
(a) he has only been to one bull fight
(b) he prefers soccer
(c) he doesn't like the activity
(d) he is a big fan

Short Answer Questions

1. John Moore was an English general in the war against:

2. While sitting in the Plaza Mayor, Michener overhears a conversation of a group of Frenchmen. What does he learn?

3. Which of the following was not true of Gibraltar:

4. In terms of publishing, what sells well?

5. What form of entertainment did the Micheners enjoy so much in Barcelona?

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