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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The wealthiest shrine in Christendom is at:
(a) Guadeloupe
(b) Lourdes
(c) Grenada
(d) Fatima

2. The sport of bullfighting is subject to:
(a) poorly trained matadors
(b) poorly bred bulls
(c) low attendance
(d) corruption

3. What is a famous wine of the region?
(a) while wine from Estrella
(b) the red wine of Rioja
(c) none
(d) Sangria

4. Michener had first visited Teruel:
(a) in 1939
(b) 34 years earlier
(c) three years earlier
(d) during World War II

5. In a concurso:
(a) spectators are allowed to fight the bull
(b) the winning matador receives a plaq2ue
(c) a team of matadors fights the bull
(d) the bravest bull is awarded a prize by a panel of judges

6. A complete bull fight consists of how many bulls?
(a) one
(b) six
(c) three
(d) ten

7. John Moore was an English general in the war against:
(a) Napoleon
(b) Juan Carlos
(c) Zamora
(d) Franco

8. What form of entertainment did the Micheners enjoy so much in Barcelona?
(a) soccer
(b) flamenco
(c) going to bars
(d) opera

9. What did Michener discover had occurred along the Mediterranean sea coast since his last visit three years earlier?
(a) the seacoast was being preserved
(b) it was developed with apartment buildings and resorts
(c) there had been an oil spill
(d) the seashore had deteriorated

10. Which group produces the fewest in Medical doctors in Catalonia?
(a) the upper class
(b) Muslims
(c) the middle class
(d) Jews

11. From whom does Michener learn the history of Castielfabib?
(a) the innkeeper's family
(b) a priest
(c) a tour guide
(d) the mayor

12. Where did Isabel die?
(a) Tordesillas
(b) Madrid
(c) Madrigal
(d) Salamanca

13. Which of the following was not true of Gibraltar:
(a) Spain wanted self-government in Gibraltar
(b) Gibraltar voted to remain under British control
(c) Gibraltar is called El Penon
(d) the Spanish wanted continued English rule

14. This pilgrimage across Spain is known as:
(a) The Path of James
(b) the Way
(c) The Pilgrimage of James
(d) the Way of St. James

15. The Catalan separatists want all but the following:
(a) their own univeristies
(b) a separate state
(c) their own language
(d) their own newspapers

Short Answer Questions

1. Which Spanish city had the most personal meaning for Michener?

2. Who shows Michener around Teruel?

3. According to tradition, the Apostle James:

4. Michener found Madrid newspapers to:

5. The highlight of the feast of San Fermin is the:

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