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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is not one of the noble panopoly of four kings?
(a) Juana la Loca
(b) Juan Carlos
(c) Felipe
(d) Fernando

2. What kind of candy is a Spanish delicacy?
(a) chocolate covered orange
(b) chocholate covered cherries
(c) marzipan
(d) salt water taffy

3. Which city does Michener feel reveals the essence of Spanish history?
(a) Madrid
(b) Toledo
(c) Barriana
(d) Badajox

4. What is the focal point of socialization for businessmen in Spain?
(a) a restaurant
(b) the central plaza
(c) the club
(d) the church

5. What was the American's impressions of his first bullfight?
(a) he was very impressed
(b) he found it sickening
(c) he didn't like it
(d) he found it barbaric

6. Maimonides was a:
(a) orator
(b) medical man
(c) religious philosopher
(d) slave

7. What bird populates Las Marismas that is sold throughout Europe as pets?
(a) the parakeet
(b) the stork
(c) the egret
(d) the goldfinch

8. The author describes Spain as:
(a) horrible
(b) a very special country
(c) the same as other countries
(d) a place he would never visit again

9. Cordoba was a center of:
(a) a World War II memorial
(b) a Civil War memorial
(c) Islamic culture
(d) great universities

10. In the Toledo cathedral, there is a memorial to:
(a) Columbus
(b) El Greco
(c) Cisneros
(d) Queen Isabel

11. Cordoba represents:
(a) a major resort area
(b) Islamic Spain
(c) the Basque region
(d) the Costa del Sol

12. The oranges were shipped in:
(a) steel barrels
(b) sacks
(c) wooden crates
(d) loose

13. The Mozarabes:
(a) developed their own style of Christian Mass
(b) conquered Toledo
(c) were heretics
(d) were pagans

14. What is the Alcazar?
(a) the main shipping area
(b) a huge fortress in Toledo
(c) the central square
(d) a palace

15. Michener journeys to Medinat az-Zahra to visit a:
(a) palace
(b) school
(c) villager
(d) museum

Short Answer Questions

1. Michener travels to Las Marismas to visit:

2. The time of Michener's visit is:

3. The festivities take place over a period of:

4. To appreciate Toledo, one must:

5. The book opens with a freighter traveling to Spain from:

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