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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Many Spanish heroes who came to America were from:
(a) Barcelona
(b) Madrid
(c) the Basque region
(d) the Extremadura region

2. What is so impressive about the Toledo cathedral?
(a) its artwork
(b) that fact that it is a social gathering place
(c) the lack of ventilation
(d) its archetecture

3. Each parish church is represented by:
(a) a pennant
(b) the pastor
(c) a sign with the name
(d) its own colors

4. Las Marismas is:
(a) a wealthy part of the country
(b) in the high country
(c) a swamp land
(d) a rich agricultural area

5. The Great Mosque at Medinat az-Zahra had been converted into a:
(a) cathedral
(b) hospital
(c) fort
(d) school

6. Las Marismas is located:
(a) near Madrid
(b) in the Basque region
(c) on the Costa del Sol
(d) on the Guadalquivir in the sourth of Spain

7. Michener's first impressions of Toledo was that it was:
(a) Spanish tourism at its worst
(b) pleasant
(c) too congested
(d) the most bheautiful city he has ever seen

8. In the Toledo cathedral, there is a memorial to:
(a) Columbus
(b) Queen Isabel
(c) El Greco
(d) Cisneros

9. Codified law was first introduced to the area by:
(a) the Goths
(b) the Romans
(c) the Visigoths
(d) Queen Isabel

10. After church on Palm Sunday, participants don:
(a) black suits
(b) sports clothes
(c) white suits
(d) hooded tunic costumes

11. Michener recommends that travelers visit Sevilla:
(a) at any time
(b) during summer
(c) during the period before Easter
(d) for the Christmas holidays

12. The book opens with a freighter traveling to Spain from:
(a) England
(b) Scotland
(c) United States
(d) France

13. Who sailed from Sanlucar?
(a) Juan Carlos
(b) Queen Victoria
(c) Christopher Columbus
(d) Seneca

14. The Concha y Sierra:
(a) is a museum
(b) is a dude ranch
(c) is a large resort hotel
(d) provides the best bulls in bull fighting

15. The festivities take place over a period of:
(a) one week
(b) ten days
(c) three to five weeks
(d) two weeks

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the principle city in the Las Marismas area?

2. Hosius was a great:

3. Who invaded Cordoba in 711?

4. The participants from each parish are referred to as a:

5. The bright orange on the tree trunks indicates that the trunks were:

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