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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What problem did Michener find at the second restaurant?
(a) it was too expensive
(b) he couldn't speak the language
(c) the food was bad
(d) he didn't ask for the tourist menu

2. The man on board in the Introduction is described as being:
(a) American
(b) ERnglish
(c) Scottish
(d) Spanish

3. Cordoba is located on the:
(a) Rio Grande
(b) Rio Guadalquivir
(c) Rio Lisboa
(d) Rio Tajo

4. Who invaded Cordoba in 711?
(a) the Goths
(b) the Visigoths
(c) the Romans
(d) the Moors

5. What does Michener recommend travelers do before visiting Spain?
(a) learn the language
(b) plan their itinerary
(c) read travel books
(d) see a performance of Don Juan Tenorio

6. The festivities preceding Easter are called the:
(a) Spring Feria
(b) Easter Parade
(c) Mardi Gras
(d) Festival of Light

7. Las Marismas is located:
(a) on the Guadalquivir in the sourth of Spain
(b) on the Costa del Sol
(c) in the Basque region
(d) near Madrid

8. The bright orange on the tree trunks indicates that the trunks were:
(a) growing
(b) diseased
(c) freshly watered
(d) stripped for cork

9. Hosius was a great:
(a) medical man
(b) churchman
(c) orator
(d) intellectual

10. In Grenada, Michener visited the:
(a) art gallery
(b) museum
(c) shopping center
(d) Alhambra

11. Many Spanish heroes who came to America were from:
(a) Madrid
(b) the Extremadura region
(c) Barcelona
(d) the Basque region

12. Who is not one of the noble panopoly of four kings?
(a) Juana la Loca
(b) Juan Carlos
(c) Felipe
(d) Fernando

13. How many days of processions are there for the parishes?
(a) twenty-one
(b) seven
(c) ten
(d) fourteen

14. Who sailed from Sanlucar?
(a) Seneca
(b) Juan Carlos
(c) Christopher Columbus
(d) Queen Victoria

15. In Castellon, what did the women throw from the balconies?
(a) oranges
(b) darts with streamers attached
(c) beads
(d) handerkerchiefs

Short Answer Questions

1. The club proprietor explains to Michener:

2. Las Marismas is:

3. Michener describes the Toledo cathedral as being:

4. Before leaving Valencia, who does the American meet?

5. After wandering around the country side of Teruel, who does the American meet as he returns?

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