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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The man on board in the Introduction is described as being:
(a) ERnglish
(b) Scottish
(c) American
(d) Spanish

2. Michener wants to know about:
(a) the daily routine of an average businessman
(b) the peasants
(c) the role of the Guardia Civil
(d) entertainment

3. Codified law was first introduced to the area by:
(a) the Visigoths
(b) Queen Isabel
(c) the Romans
(d) the Goths

4. The tombs of Ferdinand and Isabel are located in:
(a) Madrid
(b) Toledo
(c) Cordoba
(d) Grenada

5. Michener describes the Toledo cathedral as being:
(a) ugly
(b) so beautiful that its variety could never be exhausted
(c) plain
(d) small

6. Who sailed from Sanlucar?
(a) Juan Carlos
(b) Queen Victoria
(c) Seneca
(d) Christopher Columbus

7. The book opens with a freighter traveling to Spain from:
(a) England
(b) United States
(c) France
(d) Scotland

8. Where does Michener travel for the Whitsuntide festival?
(a) El Rocio
(b) Sanlucar
(c) Barriana
(d) Cordoba

9. In what way did the American travel to Teruel?
(a) bus
(b) freighter
(c) train
(d) private car

10. Michener felt his hotel room was:
(a) too expensive
(b) cheap
(c) hot, cramped and noisy
(d) luxurious

11. Averroes was a:
(a) slave
(b) orator
(c) philosopher
(d) statesman

12. What is the principle city in the Las Marismas area?
(a) Cordoba
(b) Grenada
(c) Sanlucar
(d) Madrid

13. What bird populates Las Marismas that is sold throughout Europe as pets?
(a) the egret
(b) the stork
(c) the parakeet
(d) the goldfinch

14. The people of Teruel are described as:
(a) middle class
(b) poor peasants
(c) well-to-do
(d) uban

15. Las Marismas contains:
(a) many wildlife areas
(b) ski areas
(c) World War II monuments
(d) big resorts

Short Answer Questions

1. Badajoz is located in a region called:

2. The average man in Badajoz is:

3. Before leaving Valencia, who does the American meet?

4. The oranges were shipped in:

5. What is the focal point of socialization for businessmen in Spain?

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