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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Each parish church is represented by:
(a) the pastor
(b) its own colors
(c) a sign with the name
(d) a pennant

2. Codified law was first introduced to the area by:
(a) Queen Isabel
(b) the Visigoths
(c) the Goths
(d) the Romans

3. In what year did the Christians expel the Moors from Cordoba?
(a) 912
(b) 1011
(c) 850
(d) 1236

4. When Michener told the hotel clerk in Badajoz that he planned to remain for a month, the clerk:
(a) raised the price of the room
(b) maintained the same price of the room
(c) offered free meals
(d) lowered the price of the room

5. In Valencia, who approaches the American about attending a bullfight?
(a) the mayor
(b) picador
(c) the President
(d) the hotel clerk

6. Cordoba represents:
(a) Islamic Spain
(b) the Costa del Sol
(c) a major resort area
(d) the Basque region

7. The Spanish Civil War was fought between:
(a) the Republicans and the focus of Franco
(b) the Romans and the Goths
(c) the Goths and Visigoths
(d) the Romans and the Visigoth

8. Who is the artist who painted "The Burial of Court Orgaz" and other famous works?
(a) Rodrigo
(b) Vigarni
(c) El Prago
(d) El Greco

9. Which is not one of the four men whose birthplaces Michener wanted to see:
(a) Seneca
(b) Hosius
(c) Plato
(d) Maimonides

10. Maimonides was a:
(a) orator
(b) medical man
(c) slave
(d) religious philosopher

11. Michener travels to Las Marismas to visit:
(a) a friend
(b) the palace
(c) a bull ranch
(d) the seaport

12. Who invaded Cordoba in 711?
(a) the Romans
(b) the Goths
(c) the Moors
(d) the Visigoths

13. What was the American's impressions of his first bullfight?
(a) he was very impressed
(b) he found it barbaric
(c) he found it sickening
(d) he didn't like it

14. Hosius was a great:
(a) intellectual
(b) churchman
(c) orator
(d) medical man

15. The people of Teruel are described as:
(a) uban
(b) middle class
(c) poor peasants
(d) well-to-do

Short Answer Questions

1. Averroes was a:

2. What kind of candy is a Spanish delicacy?

3. Michener felt his hotel room was:

4. What problem did Michener find at the second restaurant?

5. Michener describes the Toledo cathedral as being:

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