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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Cordoba.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Michener describes the cathedral of Badajoz as:
(a) beautiful
(b) the hub of town activity
(c) ugly
(d) akwardly located

2. Michener journeys to Medinat az-Zahra to visit a:
(a) museum
(b) school
(c) villager
(d) palace

3. Who runs the hospitals in Spain?
(a) various organizations
(b) the church
(c) they are paid for with tax dollars
(d) the government

4. Who is not one of the artists who works are in the Toledo cathedral?
(a) Vigarni
(b) Rodrigo
(c) Berroguete
(d) Degas

5. Who invaded Cordoba in 711?
(a) the Moors
(b) the Goths
(c) the Visigoths
(d) the Romans

Short Answer Questions

1. Damascene is:

2. The man on board in the Introduction is described as being:

3. Who shows the American around Castellon?

4. Michener felt his hotel room was:

5. What words does Michener find on all of the churches in Spain?

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