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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Cordoba.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The average man in Badajoz is:
(a) an entertainer
(b) a merchant
(c) in various businesses
(d) a farmer

2. The oranges are to be used for:
(a) produce
(b) juice
(c) making marmalade
(d) not stated

3. In Castellon, what did the women throw from the balconies?
(a) beads
(b) darts with streamers attached
(c) handerkerchiefs
(d) oranges

4. The people of Teruel are described as:
(a) middle class
(b) poor peasants
(c) uban
(d) well-to-do

5. The Alhambra is:
(a) a shopping center
(b) a collection of buildings and castles with gardens and fountains
(c) a hotel
(d) a famous church

Short Answer Questions

1. Who shows the American around Castellon?

2. In what year did the Christians expel the Moors from Cordoba?

3. What was the American's impressions of his first bullfight?

4. The bright orange on the tree trunks indicates that the trunks were:

5. What Spanish phrase does Michener consider to be essential:

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