Objects & Places from Iberia: Spanish Travels and Reflections

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Object Descriptions

Teruel - Is the first city that the narrator falls in love with and when he revisits later on, much has changed, and he is impressed yet saddened by the modernity of the rural town.

Burriana - Is the town that the narrator lands in when he first sets foot on Spanish soil.

Concha and Sierra Ranch - Is where the Concha and Sierra bulls are raised.

Las Ramblas - Is a wide and beautiful commercial boulevard in Barcelona where people could buy flowers, newspapers, and food.

Rio Guadalquivir - Is a river in southern Spain that supports Las Marisimas, the swamplands in southern Spain.

Rio Tajo - Is the river in Toledo that surrounds and protects the city.

Toledo - Is a fortress of a city built on a rock that was established by Germanic tribes then run by Muslims and holds the famous Gothic cathedral...

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