Daily Lessons for Teaching Iberia: Spanish Travels and Reflections

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Daily Lessons

Lesson 1

Objective: Introduction. The book opens with a freighter en route to Spain to take on oranges. The American on board is making his first visit to Spain and the Mediterranean coast. The objective of this lesson is to study the geography of the area.

1) 1. Have the students find magazine photos or other pictures of this area of Spain and bring them to the classroom so the students have some idea of the terrain.

2. The American is an experienced traveler who has traveled in this manner in China, Japan and Bali. How do the students feel about this manner of travel? Have each student write his/her opinions in an in-class paragraph.

3. For Homework: Travel is an experience that allows one to learn how other people live. The further off the beaten track one goes, the more one learns. Comment on this in one page or less.

Lesson 2

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