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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Adam think about leaving his bike in order to keep it safe and sound?

2. Adam decides he does not want to look any further into the truth about _________.

3. Adam becomes a sort of __________ in his own home as he tries to find out what is happening.

4. Adam believes that this man is the only real __________ he has to the mystery in his mind.

5. Adam is afraid that __________ will laugh at him if he reveals any of the concerns he has about his family.

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Adam discover in his father's desk when he steals a key to open up the drawer?

2. Where does Adam find his bike as he lurks over to the boy's house where he suspects his bike is?

3. What does Adam tell the boys about his bike, which only arouses their curiosity in it and in Adam?

4. What does Adam hope when the troublemakers come to hassle Adam on his bike?

5. What does Adam think is the only real clue he has to the mystery that is in his mind?

6. What happens when Adam tries to call Amy from his bike journey in Carver?

7. What does the man on the phone tell Adam about what he has been doing all day?

8. What is the mild threat that Brint gives to Adam when Adam will not respond to him during the interrogation?

9. When does Adam's mother get nervous and upset with him during his times with Amy?

10. Why does Adam get mad at the boy as he is watching an interaction between the boy and his mother?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The conversations with Dr. Brint at times seem harsh and yet eventually Adam does seem to remember more and reveal more.

Part 1: Why do you think Dr. Brint is so keen on finding out what Adam knows about his life?

Part 2: Why do you think Adam trusts Dr. Brint enough to continue talking with him?

Part 3: What are some ideas as to who Dr. Brint really is? Is he a good guy or a bad guy? Why?

Essay Topic 2

At many times, the family seems to try to cling to normalcy in the flashbacks, even though things are far from normal.

Part 1: Why do you think the family continues to try to be normal?

Part 2: Do you think Adam knows on some level that things weren't actually as normal as they appeared? Why or why not?

Part 3: What might be a negative outcome of pretending that all is well when it actually isn't?

Essay Topic 3

While Adam Farmer is seen to be a bit of a frightened person at times, other times he demonstrates bravery.

Part 1: Why do you think Adam is seen as a frightened person? What is the proof he is fearful?

Part 2: Why do you think Adam could also been seen as a very brave person? Cite your proof.

Part 3: Do you think Adam is a brave person or a frightened person? Or is he a mix of the two?

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