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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was the one that ran away, even though he was hurt in the accident as well?
(a) Paul
(b) Mr. Grey
(c) Adam's father
(d) Brint

2. Where is Adam lying when the car comes by to try to help him out as he is on his bike journey?
(a) In the middle of the road
(b) On a bench
(c) On the side of the road
(d) At a gas station pump

3. What was the government identification number that was used to identity Mr. Grey?
(a) 2134
(b) 2222
(c) He didn't have one.
(d) 3333

4. ___________ was proud of Anthony for doing the right thing even though it meant giving up his career.
(a) Brint
(b) Adam
(c) Amy
(d) Mr. Grey

5. What DOESN'T Adam's bike have according to his description?
(a) Warped tires
(b) Blue paint
(c) No speeds
(d) No fenders

Short Answer Questions

1. Brint tells Adam: "I am always here to _________ you. Remember that."

2. Where is the bike that Adam is looking to find and to retrieve as his own?

3. Adam's father never told Adam all of the information so that he could never __________ anything.

4. As Adam is nervous about the situation, his __________ is coming back and he begins to get nauseous.

5. ___________ attempts to start a session with Adam during this interrogation transcript section.

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