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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The doctor is trying to get Adam to talk, but notes that Adam has stepped ____________ himself.
(a) Outside
(b) Inside
(c) Within
(d) Alongside

2. Brint suggests to Adam that his ___________ has been lying to him all this time.
(a) Sister
(b) Cousin
(c) Friend
(d) Father

3. Who discusses the way the novel has been written in the Introduction of the book?
(a) Adam Farmer
(b) Dr. Brint
(c) Robert Cormier
(d) Mr. Grey

4. What has gotten wet as a result of the weather that starts up?
(a) The dog
(b) Adam's newspaper
(c) Adam's package
(d) The food Adam bought

5. Adam believes the dog's intention is to topple the bike, send it askew, and have him crash into the road, his _________.
(a) Dinner
(b) Victim
(c) Enemy
(d) Friend

Short Answer Questions

1. Adam doesn't feel he deserves happiness, courage, and _____________.

2. What is a word that might be used to describe Adam's current state of mind?

3. Adam is afraid that __________ will laugh at him if he reveals any of the concerns he has about his family.

4. The boy wants to make the bike trip without any _________, so he puts them in the garbage disposal.

5. Adam doesn't think the place where he's at smells like a ___________, so he is confused as to where he is.

Short Essay Questions

1. What was the last Numbers game that Adam and Amy played together?

2. What has Adam done with himself during the session noted in tape OZK003?

3. What does Adam discover in his father's desk when he steals a key to open up the drawer?

4. Why were Adam and his parents taking that initial bus ride away from their home?

5. Why does Adam's arm hurt so much, according to the narrative at the beginning of the section?

6. From where does Adam try to call Amy again while he is on his bike journey?

7. What does the old maintenance man always do, according to the narrative?

8. What is so special about Benton Falls, the place where Adam decides to spend the night as he continues his bike journey?

9. The mention of the names causes Adam to end the interrogation. What are the names which cause Adam to end the questioning?

10. What has failed during the interrogations between Adam and Brint, according to the report?

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